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A medieval sweatshirt capable of bringing out both your freakishness and your dreams in day-to-day battles.…

I am so in love with this sweatshirt capable of arming the best medieval knight daily 2.0. On some other occasion I have already commented that medieval symbolism is not my passion, especially in the audiovisual…. but in the styling just the opposite happens, since I find an innate attraction at that time that reminds me of stories. En este caso, get one my passion for the concept and for the sweatshirt ¡knitted! ¿What better than something like this to face the daily struggle?.


The creator of the piece, Chadwick Dillon, put one serie of these jackets on Etsy but quickly sold out and the designer has put a notice on his shop stating that he will continue to work but cannot offer any more orders, although he invites us to check the store frequently. What rage, firewood! I think in this case, not even the diet of moda would have prevented me “caprice”.

I paraphrase you paragraph of I can not believe with the advantages and disadvantages of this cool men's sweatshirt.

The advantages: does not rust, not as heavy as real armor and not attracted to magnets, so your enemies will have to do more than water you with magnetized water to finish you off (Now we know that this was a very effective method in the Middle Ages., but it doesn't work anymore).

The drawbacks: offers no protection. Most weapons can pierce through sweatshirt-armor, and what are not weapons almost that too. There is a total absence of pockets, which will force you to get a squire to carry the junk, which greatly increases the cost of maintaining the armor.

But it was a difficult decision to frame this sweatshirt in the sections of my blog ¿would be a Me Enjanta (products that hook me) or rather a The Geekiest Fashion (somewhat bizarre)? How I haven't been able to decide, I have put the two labels and that each one evaluates.

¿For you it is a must or a freak?

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