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I took a while to see information about the new ad for Martini being done by the director Jonas Akerlund with Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana who participate as creative directors (and that seems to make a cameo in the same). Brilliant, It must be possible to revive the Italian aesthetics and for this they have had Monica Bellucci. That's where my reflection comes…
First of all I want to clarify that the Moni seems to me a very beautiful woman, an aunt canyon, a professional like the crown of a pine, stylish, representative, nice and perfect stereotype of racial woman but adapted to 2010. With his 46 years has become the emblem of Italian woman par excellence and no doubt explain that image to the world. Having said this, I wonder ¿Is that there are no more Italian divas than Monica Bellucci?
It is clear that Martini, and more in these times, You want to bet on safe values, as the main character, creative directors and the director himself. In the first images of a woman ad that paralyzes Italian looks, that steadily gets to overturn a look, It is true that for it, even more than a spectacular body need a strong personality, but I am sure that in the great country boot-shaped heel sure there are some other woman can get that.
Again it uses the concept of Femme Fatale, the classic style of the fifties and the Italian directors of that time to present the new drink Martini Gold. Monica walks through the most emblematic places of the eternal city awakening passions in its path until it gets to meet his friends Dolce and Gabbana in a typical Roman coffee. brilliant, as I said above it seems all very wise and very suitable, that is sure to get increased sales figures of that mark beverage, but reminds me more of the same.
Readers of this blog know that I love the essence of the years 50, classism good femme fatale but I honestly believe that the trio chose suffers from too little surprise. Nobody will be surprised by this announcement, nor its content, nor with this great continent although treaty, done and is pretty nice, but reminds me more of the same, especially associated with those marks.
Martini for example has had on other occasions with George Clooney, Salma Hayek o Charlize Theron, and it is true that in all cases resorted to a classic glamor, but always giving it some originality and a fun point. En esta ocasión, a It reminds me more of the same.
Perhaps looking for a less iconic style that D&G and a lot less as expected Donna Bellucci, It would have achieved the same effect but providing something different, por ejemplo, reliving the same style but from a base of characters and different models, without falling into the predictable. Como dije antes, sure there are great women capable of playing this lady walking around Rome, as it occurs to me, for example I can think of Elisabetta Canalis, (Clooney's girlfriend) or Sabrina Ferilli, it a little less known but also aspect Bellucci. Not that they were going to do it better than Bellucci, that's probably impossible, but at least they would leave a little (without either spend three villages) than expected.