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Banking and online options innovations can help us both at home and when we travel. Why have a bank account online, especially when you travel?

There are elements that do not know how much you need until the time is right. That just happened to me with digital banking. At the outset only as consultation had occasionally, without giving much importance, but gradually it has been occupying more weight in my life and now I need to, at any time and click of a mouse, be able to access various economic services (to take money out, transfers, Bill Payment, return receipts, etc.).

To this is added that as we are becoming more mobile - people - we need more mobile - pots - to help us in this work. So it is not only essential that banks worry about having good access from your computer, but worry that your digital part in mobile and do not let its users with few options from your smartphone May to the end and at Cape is the first management tool in our daily lives! And even more when we travel!

Sí, all we need when we travel, But it does, to be "He tuned"With the money - or changing it and taking cash, or with cards that are compatible with the country of destination. It is therefore essential to have easy access to our online banking transactions and provide us even away from home.

For this reason I would like to tell you that I think are 3 reasons to choose to have an account at an online banking, and even more when you are traveling (either the people to the side or seventh ends of the world).

  • Mobility: You can be connected from any point of the globe and operate a bank account that is the other end. This is the most obvious advantage of digital banking, Nevertheless, for people who have to travel, using an online bank also involves other important benefits: When we travel to a place we always carry with us suspiciously large sums of money for our safety. Pues bien, an online bank with good features and adapt the bank to ensure that travelers only have to carry a device capable of connecting to the Internet and from there you shall do all kinds of payments and transfers.
  • Weather: Accursed time zones! Another of the advantages of this type of bank is its availability, since you can use every day and every hour, so you will not have to worry about time here or there. Has something happened and your bank - or your service – not open up in a lot of hours. With good banking online you can make monetary transactions in real time for free and "take your bank with you wherever you go" with full access to your money and all the tools you need.
  • Transparency: It is another factor that characterizes the digital banking, Well it is the customer who performs the entire payment process with your fingers, This will have the chance to see all the information on the conditions of the products you purchase. And of course confirm, check, or cancel what we did Cuadre!

My experience with Ferratum Bank

Ferratum Bank It is a bank 100% online, which it makes it easier to use and service is available whenever you need. without offices, no extra commissions and unbureaucratic.

It is extremely comfortable, is all done directly from the phone and have managed to create a very intuitive interface which gets it very easy and quick to use, we already know that there is nothing worse than staying stuck in an app on your mobile when you are in a hurry.

I was surprised by the as easy way to register and open an account in the bank from the same mobile, giving a series of data and ending with a video call in which an operator validates your data and your identity. So you save time going to branch, wait, etc. In five minutes you're ready. This is great for people like me who leaves everything to the last minute!

I heard that the bank even is known as "Bank travel"And download it on my mobile I understood why, have on hand all the necessary functions, wherever you are; as long as you have internet connection nowadays usually always find some close - even when we're in the boonies.

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