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Through the power of the mustache (and beard), the Movember movement seeks to raise awareness and funds for men's health. I tell you what's going on and some actions that different brands have done this year to support.

You know that this blog I love talking about beards and mustaches (although the latter appear less) ¡eso es así!  Y más aún cuando el pelo facial masculino sirve para una buena causa más allá de embellecernosoh dios si lo hace, You would have to see me without beard I'm awful. Por eso, and although I told you long ago (four years neither more nor less) on this initiative, I see this movement need to keep reminding / social campaign that increasingly takes more strength to help with male diseases.

¿Qué es Movember? I leave the exact definition of wikipedia:

Movember (English contraction Moustache mustache and November noviembre) is an annual event where boys are grown his mustache during the month of November and organized meetings intended to raise awareness of health issues such men as prostate cancer, Testicular cancer, depresión masculina y similaresy recaudar dinero para ayudar en cada país a una o más instituciones dedicadas a luchar contra dichos problemas de la salud masculina.

The event is carried out officially in 21 países: Germany, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, España, United States, Finland, Francia, Hong Kong, Ireland, Norway, New Zealand, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden and Switzerland, by Movember Foundation.

But let the mess, and it is this year 2017 various brands have joined this movement for performing different actions. And I want to name them to give diffusion and together we can achieve what is proposed, continue raising awareness and making money for the foundation.

En L’Oréal MEN EXPERT They have joined the foundation to raise awareness of men's health and contribute our bit. Por ello, for every person who uploads a photo to your social networks (Instagram y Twitter) with real or fake mustache (remember that the girls can also help) con el hashtag #1euroxBigote donaran desde Men Expert 1a la fundación.

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CHOICE, international market leader in the hair clipper and male cortabarbas, I announced the launch of an international e-commerce specially created for Movember. From today, The most supportive fans of the brand can connect to the web www.wahl-movember.com and choose between 6 WAHL products Movember proposed for between 3,5 y 15 euros. Shipping costs will be used for the shipment of products, while all the price will be aimed at the Movember Foundation 1 de diciembre de 2017. The website is available in 6 Languages: French, español, Polish, English, German and Dutch.

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«Somos una empresa que fabrica productos esencialmente dedicados a los hombres. Por este motivo, we identify greatly with this cause and its objectives. In recent years, Movember we talked about in our press to give visibility to the cause. Sin embargo este año queremos dar un paso más y contribuir a Movember con una colecta de fondosMuller explains Edwin, Marketing & Product Manager de WAHL consumer.

Caroli Health Club and the barbershop Inglourious Basterds They wanted to join forces and create the Movember Experience, a facial treatment for man earmark 20% of its revenue to the Movember Foundation. The Movember Experience is designed for men daring with a touch wing rabble but once they are united and they are aware with charitable causes. This treatment involves prior arrangement Beard, mustache or shave the corner kick that Inglourious Basterds is installed on the ground floor of Hotel Atocha ONLY YOU, where guests can live in person an experience to the purest style 'Old School'. Later, It will move to carry out the treatment of Caroli Health Club, a ritual that opens the doors of beauty to the male sector.

Del 9 al 16 de noviembre, Hendrick’s Gin He has devised a contest Instagram (@hendricksgin_es) through which participants Movember, also known as Mo and Mo Sistas Bros, They will show the whole world whiskers using the hashtag #unpepinodebigotes and win gifts succulent.

Thanks to the agreement with 16 barbershops different Spanish cities, consumers can manage his mustache
free and work well with the Movember movement. Consumers who want to participate, tendrán que pedir cita previa en las barberías colaboradoras. Aquellos que acudan a las barberías podrán colaborar dando a conocer el movimiento Movember en sus RRSS, uploading a photo of his mustache with the hashtag #unpepinodebigotes. Además, los usuarios con más “me gustapodrán ganar un pack de Hendrick’s Gin.


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