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Every November we join the Movember campaign to raise awareness about male diseases through a stylistic bet: whiskers.

The mustache returns and it does it with force, more and more of moda on tv (Jason Sudeikis' character in Ted Lasso) o el cine (Benedict Cumberbatch in the magnificent The Power Of The Dog the Jane Campion). It is even the main hallmark of icons such as Charles Chaplin., Salvador Dalí or Freddy Mercury, and forever, a clear synonym for masculinity. La campaña Movember con sus solidarity mustaches (result of joining mustache with november) fixed every year your attention on him, with the aim of raising funds for research on the various diseases that affect men, including prostate and testicular cancer. Other men instead, they opt for solidarity and visibility by growing mustaches throughout the month of November, thus supporting an initiative that encourages all of them to grow facial hair for this important and noble cause.

November is the quintessential month for men's health, in which campaigns like Movember (born in UK) They seek to make men aware of those problems and diseases that affect them or may affect them, such as prostate or testicular cancer but also depression, among many others. The main distinctive of this solidarity campaign is the mustache. About Movember and solidarity mustaches speak to us three experts in male hairdressing: Nestor Alriols, de la firma Freak´s Grooming, Cesar Parra, barbershop director Man of Madrid and David Lesur, training director in classrooms David Künzle.

"Personally, It seems to me a great initiative that in addition to solidarity, helps many barbershops and companies related to the sector thanks in part to social networks " - Néstor Alriols tells us, founder of the men's cosmetic firm Freak´s Grooming, which also gives us the keys to take care of these solidarity mustaches and that they are always soft: “The care of the mustache is the same as that of the beard, you have to wash it daily and apply oil to nourish the hair and take care of the surrounding skin, although there are mustaches that need extra work. The longest ones need to be tamed and for that, there are special waxes. In some countries, to get that dalinian way, use hair pomades to set to the end and define it, even lacquers for the most eccentric. In case you want to shave the beard and leave only the longest mustache, the best is an oil that not only hydrates but also provides a great aroma ".

What kind of mustache do I get?

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Cesar Parra, director of Man of Madrid, one of the top London-style barbershops in the capital, bet on the pyramid mustache, which is also the most demanded, shaved a little in the central area, and progressively falling towards the edge of the lip: "It is not a thick mustache nor does it ride on the lip, and it looks very good. The English or aristocratic mustache is also a trend, denser than the previous one and finished in curvature at the tip. The beardstache, that is still a mustache with a beard but that combines both styles. En este caso, the beard must be reduced considerably and the mustache left long to give it all the prominence ".

One type or another of mustache is better depending on the face and thickness of hair of each man, That is why it is advisable to go to a barber who can guide us.

From the lounges David Künzle en Madrid, recommend thinking before what style is the best we can fit: "Arrived at a certain age, a man knows perfectly what suits him best, not as open to change as when young. The mustache requires a very specific type of face, better angular, enlarged. For the goatee, those who seek to sharpen the face tend to choose more if they have a round or oval face, as well as the beard, that more pronounced in the part of the chin, causes the same effect ".

David read, your training director, prefer chevron, a tall mustache that brushes the nose: "It is a very dense mustache, wide and thick, only for men with a lot of facial hair, very Sam Elliott style, Sean Connery, Burt Reynolds or Tom Selleck in those distant seventies, a mustache that covered the lips and corner well, and that is fixed by trimming it from time to time and applying gel at the end ".

You can also play with the length and even with the color, can be dyed or bleached to give it a certain touch: "If we talk about the types of mustache that can be tested, everything will depend on how hairless or hairy you are. In the first case, obviously a pencil mustache or maybe English, and in the second, a good horseshoe mustache or an imperial ”.

The most advisable products for your mustaches supportive

"The ideal for a good mustache is to use bar soap to take care of our skin and remove excess dirt and daily pollution, since it is very close to our mouth and there are many bacteria. Also the beard oil with which to give small massages in the area, highly recommended if we are also smokers, since we eliminate the smell and that yellowish tone that it takes in case of not cleaning it much. If you also want to comb it, I recommend using natural products to make it comfortable, so you should find a mustache wax that is to your liking - the CEO of Freak´s Grooming for our solidarity mustaches.

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