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Muji launches a new denim collection with a sixth mobile pocket.

When I talk about the cowboys of the future you sure think: «With a spectacular fabric? With a milk innovation? Able to make you a great body? What looks good to everyone?» ¡No! The innovative idea, and worthy of a post on this blog and wanting to buy them strongly, que acaba de presentar Muji y que creo perfectly reflect the cowboys of the future es: One extra pocket to store your mobile No more, No less!

The Japanese retailer Muji has just launched a new denim line with the novelty of a sixth pocket to store the smartphone, without it being affected by walking or sitting. This tech-friendly line is the latest addition to the Muji clothing range, created and designed for convenience and comfort. New mobile pocket reflects interest – and I think it could be called his law of life – of this Japanese brand to unite design and functionality.

Made with organic cotton, This new range with an extra pocket for the Smartphone will be marketed for both men and women in five styles including skinny and boyfriend and, four colors: from Indigo to Navy. So we are sure to find our most suitable jeans!!

It seems to me a very good and very simple idea – How had it never occurred to anyone before? – especially to avoid damaging the mobile with other things in the same pocket, such as the keys. Or to always know where you have placed the mobile.

If you are one of those people who leave the mobile in any pocket or area of ​​the bag / backpack and then suffer microinfarctions every hour because they think they have lost it, You're in luck!

Also, these jeans with a cell phone pocket are quite reasonably priced. (From € 39'95). The only "bad" thing is that at the moment the collection is available ONLY in the Rambla Catalunya store, 81 (Barcelona) although they promise that soon it will be able to be bought in the rest of their stores in Spain.

Raise your hand, want, want one!