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This brand of T-shirts and shirts stamped sure you hooked And makes you happy! You can not stick to only one of the pieces of Mumy Room.

Nobody becomes bitter by a candy! And if it comes in the form of clothing alone. This is how I consider it clothes Mumy Room, an alternative brand moda Spanish proposing refresh our wardrobe with shirts and T-shirts with original prints.

We live in a society where virtually full of stereotypes imposed on us how to dress. Where to look, always we see the same stores, the same clothes, the same design, the same court. " Xavi Santamaria exposed, creator of the firm after working 10 years in a textile company in London. Fighting all this uniformity is born this alternative brand in order to propose different clothes, with personality but without give blood to the portfolio.

Mumy Room (2) Mumy Room (1)

The firm has several shops and retail spaces. Madrid is its first and flagship store in Chueca (Augusto Figueroa, 22), another in La Latina (Cuchilleros, 5) and two Corners in DobleAA (Hortaleza, 15 and Barquillo, 28). They also have own shop in Canary Islands (Mall. Yumbo Centrum. Of. United States 54). And beyond our borders, in Miami (BaySide Marketplace. 401 Biscayne Blvd., 2nd Floor N-239) Asimismo, also it sells to wholesalers (if you want to include in your multibrand store) and it is negotiating franchises to keep growing.

Mumy Room (1) Mumy Room (3)

Colors (and prints) for every taste

Found in its catalog trends that will from the purest Punk style 77 the grunge 90s, through the Mod movement of the London '60 and ending with large Japanese artists like Takashi Murakami and Yayoi Kusama entre otros. A hotchpotch which do not leave out new and surprising ideas. And so it is rather difficult to keep only one of its parts!

One of the things that surprised me Mumy Room in the wide variety of prints that have. Con more abstract touches, other iconic, some funny or loaded color, Whoever you are sure to find one that you love! Although they have more than 70 varieties of shirts and more 60 shirts you see on su tienda online, I here I show some of my favorites:

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And also for the kids!

You know that this blog do not try children's clothing (because I have no idea of ​​this world) but I wanted to indicate that Mumy Room also has to size for smaller house that is sure to enjoy many of these prints. The best thing is that there are models with the same design in size of men's and children so for example, a father and son could dress alike - this much mother does - daughter but in the male sector is not so much - but without losing touch an original and scoundrel.