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sales online clothing and footwear register a notable rate of returns, reaching figures around 40%. Problems related to sizing represent, approximately, up to a 75% from the same. This situation has a significant impact on both the environment and the economy.. But no less important is ensuring a proper fit., since it significantly affects both the health and comfort of the user. For this comes My3D_DataMarket.

In shopping online, consumers are deprived of the opportunity to physically try products, lo que creates uncertainty when choosing the correct size. This situation can lead to greater customer dissatisfaction., potentially damaging brand reputation and affecting future sales.

Some firms try to help the consumer by providing a size chart that relates a serie limited measures, like the length if it is footwear, or the length and chest circumference if it is a garment. And that table relates those simple one-dimensional measurements to the size of a product from that particular brand.. Not useful for any other brand. Sin embargo, These tables are too limited since they do not take into account the complex variations in morphology between individuals., the asymmetries, and even other more subjective aspects, like personal preferences. Además, Studies carried out by the IBV show the error of a person when taking measurements is very high.


Other size recommendation systems currently used by firms are based on machine learning. These systems use information that the consumer must enter about what size they wear in other brands to obtain a recommendation.. These systems also have limitations, por ejemplo, Not everyone has a shoe or garment in their closet from other brands that are in the system., but what is more important is that there is still very little information about the user and, por tanto, effectiveness in size recommendation is very limited.

In this situation, el Institute of Biomechanics (IBV) is committed to the development of a recommendation system that, from the real dimensions of each individual, recommend your appropriate size when making your online purchase.

¿What is My3D_DataMarket?

This is part of the project My3D_DataMarket, through whose research it is possible to obtain a 3D scan of a person in a comfortable waymoda and relate that morphology to a specific size.

In the words of Juan Carlos González, director of innovation in the field of clothing and footwear at IBV, “en IBV we have 3D databases of the world population as well as technologies that allow us to easily and accurately obtain a 3D reconstruction of the entire body or a specific part., what can the feet be like?, both with a mobile phone, app 3DAvatarBody y app 3DAvatarFeet, like in a physical store, DomeScan. These types of technologies allow, además, generate large databases of 3D scans of people from all over the world and open new possibilities for innovation, improving both the product design process and the consumer purchasing experience through innovative recommendation systems”.

In actuality, the IBV is developing algorithms capable of processing and transforming large volumes of 3D anthropometric and demographic data from consumers into personalized size recommendations.

This solution gives consumers the ability to access detailed and accurate anthropometric information about their physical dimensions.. Además, They receive highly specific sizing recommendations that adapt to their unique morphology., which significantly improves size selection in purchases online and provides a tailored and precise shopping experience. Asimismo, gives brands and retailers the opportunity to establish greater customer trust, Build loyalty and strengthen your reputation. All this helps, in essence, to improve production efficiency, reduce waste and contribute to a much more sustainable industry.

In these investigations, the IBV has the collaboration of five companies in the sector, belonging to the footwear and clothing industry, as they are GARWAL'S, PAREDES, SATORI SAN, ATIKA SPORTS GARMENT is YSABEL MORA, with which you are carrying out the validation of the results in a real environment.

Por último, My3D_DataMarket is a project funded by the program 2023 aid from the Valencian Institute of Business Competitiveness, IVACE, aimed at technological centers in the Valencian Community for the development of non-economic R&D projects carried out in collaboration with companies, financed by the European Union (IMDEEA/2023/41).