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The much criticized Miley is making a before and after in the world of fashion, like it or not.

El 12 February 1947 Christian Dior marked a milestone in the world of moda with its "new look" completely redefining the silhouette of women; I would like Coco Chanel years before releasing them Corsets. The miniskirt, la época de Gucci en Tom Ford, the charism of women as Jane Birkin or photographers like Annie Leibovitz. All have marked milestones in fashion for its way of understanding and show .... Why can not in the future remember Sunday 30 August as a new key day was changing fashionista? what if, by Miley Cyrus and "mamarrachescos" outfits at the MTV Video Music Awards. The function of this young pop star does not differ much from the rest of these icons respected as a paradigm shift concerns over their outfits both in this gala and your videos, performances or appearances in the last year. And it is that these are lentils, like it or not, it alone is redefining fashion a whole new era.

Since Miley left the label of Disney girl aside and became a pimp they have not stopped listening to his image expletives, expletives when manners are referred to may be more or less justified, but not when they are done around the use he makes of fashion. Because if, amigos, Miley Cyrus firmly believe that fashion is more than we think. She advances, revolutionizes and put on the table very interesting concepts that should be valued in the new concept of fashion such as exhibitionism pass to make it naturism; or combine the past, present and future and make it a great look.

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Transgression, new ways of expression, new materials, new concepts dress. Why all this is praised when he did Coco Chanel but criticized if you do an American brat in 2015?

I'm tired of these voices raised as erudite fashion, experts or advocates who see beyond the "Diores 40", they remain anchored in the transgression stay in Margiela, Yuhi o en John Galliano. Sirs, ladies, advance and leave room for new forms of expression through fashion that is in constant renewal and that is precisely one of its strongest features! We must move forward and continue revolutionizing!

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Looks Miley Cyrus MTV signed by Agatha Ruiz de la Prada

I'm not saying that philosophy should be branded as style icon but simply be left to explore and exploit its fashion concept and game industry what we want to do is, expressly, controversy and image. And pictures of Miley impact on thousands of people who reflect on the dress - or lack of it! The clean lines of Jil Sander are wonderful and Margaret Howell certainly never disappoint you with its "new white shirt", pero, once covered the basics, You should already exceeded Not? No friends, Women who opt for the craziest outfits are not sick in the head nor a mamarrachas, just see fashion as a game, as fun and as an expression.

To me give me the superfluous, you need everyone can have it. – Oscar Wilde

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Do you love Marchesa princess dress? Do you think there is nothing more appropriate than a female YSL tuxedo? That's great! ¡Un pin para ti! Pero He understands that there are people who want and need more, we want to make them feel, ya sea para bien o para mal. We want surprises! We want to say: "But horror!” o "Wonderful!” We want Valentino and Dolce &Gabanna lead to give us a tour of a story… We want Moschino to drive us crazy with passion for any pop icon ... We want Kim Kardashian to drive us crazy with the poor choice of wardrobe ... We want to teach meat to stop being taboo and become part of the styling… We want there to be space for the show in the outfits themselves and that they leave us breathless; in some part as it has always been, but respecting the codes that leave us "2010s" are those that are.

Olé for those firms that have been able to see this new vision and bet on it. Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, with its vision of fashion is able to be much more advanced than others ranging from modern designers. If Atelier Versace continues doing what it has done years, die clients and firm goodbye. Make two outfits - and completely offenders - for Miley on MTV is no mistake, in fact it is a round strategy and shows that they are able to understand the new language of fashion, like it or not, He has changed and will never return. This fine reissue the iconic Medusa, but society is not the same as seen and lived in the golden age of the Italian firm.

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Looks de Miley Cyrus en MTV firmados por Atelier Versace

Far from it, I say that every fashion need to continue that trend, a door but it should not be overlooked that opens and, relentlessly, all live; so it is best not only whet our eyes, but our minds.

Do not confuse your passion for pristine with Balenciaga multifaceted reality in which we now move it full of variables that make the outfits can be wonderful and innovative. Everything flames mamarrachismo, amigo, It is fashionable and expression but not like. And it is NOW!