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Last week I visited Madrid to test in hand - and feet - the new Nissan Qashqai

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An adventure in the mountains of Madrid driving fast on highways or walking among cows, castles and breathtaking scenery by secondary roads. On Wednesday and Thursday last I was in Madrid with Nissan to meet the new Nissan Qashqai which was released just the day 24 from January. They selected three people from Spain to evaluate different aspects of the vehicle: Salva Qashqai World Forum, to enjoy the details and improvements over the previous model; Pedro Engadget to evaluate new technological and ecological functions; and myself, para la función de apreciación como diseño y experience como público final objetivo.

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Although I could talk - good,copy the briefing - the technical specifications of the car for hours, I prefer to put you a link so you can discover the official website New Nissan Qashqai completely, Technical specifications, modelos, precios.Y advantages and if you want to know the news that brings this new Qashqai model I recommend this article from "Highway" called "Las 10 improvements of the new Nissan Qashqai” . I here I want to talk about my experience leading him "like crazy" for the Madrid mountains.

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experiencia eclechico nuevo nissan qashqai (5)A route to discover

After a short explanation of snacks and intensive Stewart Callegari, Product Planning Manager de Nissan, intensive English class began our automotive route plan by pairs, yo I was lucky to get in the car with great Elisenda, the area of ​​social media for Nissan in Spain. We had a great time, not only discovering every minute Car features beeps And everywhere! but also chatting, singing or even getting lost in residential high standing Madrid.

These routes made me experience things he never lived, And I mean not driving around Chinchon! but as that magnificent sunroof able to open the car to the full sky; self-parked: Thanks to video cameras that have integrated into the car side, when he indicated a space in the car it was parked only! With all the maneuvers necessary for it. Sincerely, for me, I do not like to park, es a surprising and brilliant invention. Asimismo I took first automatic car, making disappear all doubts I had about this type of cars. Here you can see a video of the experience from inside the car:

Introducing high-flying

And the ground we saw the sky of Madrid. Both my accommodation as the press conference and presentation of the car took place in Madrid towers. The top floors of the Crystal Tower looked as if it were a technology museum to discover inside and peculiarities of Qashqai.

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Among disassembled engines, Seat pressure tests, tests of speed or memory or even a barber for tunearte with car colors! The press conference was held where we could know the details of the car and its manufacture. And then with delicious and original canapés and tapas interact with their creators and other equipment in addition to the pieces.

Fun facts

  • New seat Qashqai is done "using scanning techniques inspired by NASA”. - And the truth is that it was extremely comfortable and with great kidneys recogidicos
  • Qashqai The name refers to an Iranian tribe called Kashgai (also written qashqai, qasqays o Turks qasqa) were originally pastoralists and some remain so today. + info.
  • The company is double celebration, not only by the birth of this new model, but also because Nissan this year celebrates its 80th anniversary.

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Por último, but no less important, I want to thank the whole team of Nissan moved to Madrid to these press presentations they have been made during the month. Besides currantes great professionals and have been very nice and close, making the experience even more relaxed. And I want to make special mention of Silvain, that although was not lucky enough to meet in person, He has been with us every step of the route placing colored arrows indicating our way in difficult places, in addition to ensuring us through the localizer we wore around his neck. Below you can see my photo with the arrow and Hers! ya que, after my departure, Elisenda was responsible for checking our "invisible guide" a souvenir photo. Without you many would still be lost in the mountains!

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