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Emma watson corte de pelo (7)

I've been saving my files in this editorial for some weeks because he wanted catch me seriously. Time to check it out and write something worthwhile about it. But as always, schemes end up crumpled in the trash, and when you suddenly have a "revelation" it is impossible not overturn (casi) suddenly.

I already said at the time that I actively supported Emma Watson's decision to cut her hair, I seemed to favor much, which gave him an even fresher look, and get top position itself as a new trendsetter in style emulating large icons of the past (you know about moda you are reviving and updating styles), but I think a bare so radically responds to something more ...

It is a "here I am in full-blown" ... beyond aesthetic issues responds to the concept of taking your own personal aesthetic by the horns and say: I'm here, y I'm more than a mane, I like to change and I can do dramatically, but respecting my personality and style.

I can think of very specific cases quite famous girls. Although almost all stars (música, cine, show bussines, moda, etc…) They have gone through this momentous step snip, cases that I comment below, I get the feeling, it is true Personal reflected changes in hair. Declarations of intent in themselves.

One case I remember most is to Vega. Cordoba, melenaza brown Idol to enter that throughout its musical and aesthetic evolution took a haircut. What Samson, his musical style took a substantial leap contributing more, without doubt, defined again as a powerful musical bet.

Internationally, Also in the world of music, I can think of cases like Rihanna, when he discovered the scissors was imbued in an increasingly dangerous world (and rocker), from being a pop singer lot, an international figure of musical reference, cómo no, stylistics. Later this baby came into continuous struggle for attention what has been changing day in and day style, aesthetics and hairstyle, but I will defend that this haircut with Umbrella was the first step of his new life (and one of the most copied ever peeled).

The Umbrella video sure you all know, for that reason I put this a few months later where the power really acquired Barbados with bare looks.

In the world of cinema, we mentioned the impact of Emma Watson, who got separated from its twee image of Hermione that Harry Potter had imposed. Emma took a substantial jump in "maturity" risking personal decisions that have known then strengthen and validate.

Something similar happened with Kristen Stewart that once the recording Twilight, Bella decided to shorten its length to imbibe in a film project where they got into the skin of a roqueras 70. He risked instead placed a wig and that made young kicked half the world with his short hair and trembling without knowing what to do in the photocall (that has nothing to do with hair, It is simply one of my appreciation ..) A clear example of taking your profession seriously, even physically adapt to the roles performed.

In the world of fashion, sure we all think the same: Agyness Deyn It has positioned itself in a very different form the rest of the panorama of international models for the sake of defending its short platinum hair. Years ago the champion short hair would be the muse of the sixties, Twiggy (undoubtedly one of the inspirations for this photo shoot Watson), to which we can not forget for the sake of getting revolutionize global aesthetic parameters in that decade.

These are just some examples that come to mind so offhand. You sure you can think of others cases, character, friends, family, that they have made a haircut a statement of intent.

Oye, but what You can also go backwards... Those girls who used to short hair for comfort (the Melenita) decide to go for long hair ... just for the sake of showing that personality is more than a wig.

The editorial illustrates this reflection appeared in the December 2010 en Vogue UK. Under the title "Mega Watson", photographer Mario Testino manages to capture the new essence of the actress in simple and natural photographs.

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