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There are times when susceptibility becomes a double-edged sword and comes to restrict "the art” fashion sale.

Ala, once put the transgressor scrotumtightening subtitle, I explain what all this. I read the other day that the great Swedish firm H&M has received criticism from the Swedish Cancer Association for her latest bikini campaign, which appeared some totally “tanned” models” – ejem, ejem, stay with this concept, Sun tanning! – under an impressive blue sky and with bodies that take away the feeling.

According to the news, what the milky Swedes are looking for is that “such campaigns do not encourage women to take this reference skin tone” ya que this campaign could encourage excessive sunbathing to cause skin cancer – that without exaggeration! Those of the association have been put in their toto that the girls are “brown coal”.


I find out that the Swedish firm has apologized for the “Excessive brown” of his campaign. I do not believe the end of the ideal of beauty, since all firms trying to sell one, but I accept it as a companion bronze statue…

"We're sorry if we've hurt anyone with our last summer campaign. No It was our intention to teach a specific ideal of beauty or encourage anyone to do something dangerous. Our intention was to show off our new bathroom collection".

It is clear that this campaign models H&M are very dark, pero I think beyond their aesthetic bet on and become bronze statues!! Of course it is done on purpose and of course Photoshop has been used to enhance that color worthy of a noble material…. and once released to the idea, ¿apologize quickly? No children no, stone throwing badly, since you have opted for these goddesses bronze, defendedlo!


It seems an attractive campaign, effective and above all with an artistic point that is often forgotten in catalogs and campaigns. It is clear that the Swedes, whose whiteness could ‘come from the future’ this may seem nothing short of the death of San Lorenzo, but I assure you that I have seen Almuñécar in August – the official beach of Granada – to girls much more tanned than these and without risks of cancer. A little relativity,por favor, that moda – and the sale of it – it is also “un arte” and as such we must be open to bronzes, gold or silver…

It is true that we must promote the right information, know the risks and ensure the prevention of such serious problems as the influence of the sun, but the world population should not be intimidated lightly and, above all, they should look further and understand that on many occasions these campaigns convey an artistic image rather than a real one.… In this case I see quite clearly aspirational and unrealistic image, because otherwise, this same graph would prompt an early anorexia, that we measure meter ninety, we became Brazil, We tiñéramos brown, we all wore supermini bikinis or that outlandishly colored neoprene swimsuit or stood on the beach with postures worthy of the best contortionists…. and that's another story!

¿Do you think these photos incite "skin cancer"??