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Palabras como «libertad», «comodidad» «identidad». When creating our designs are completely free of ties and established trends and while we look at what happens around us never allow this to influence us too and we change. We like to take our work very within us, We always being honest with what we are. Moon Moreno makes clothes comfortable and simple but very full of meaning. A message claiming a woman with young soul, free and confident”.
defines Korali Zevallos Moon and Elsa Moreno Lopez Moreno Moon clothing brand. These two creators decided to combine their talents - and their names - to create a brand that advocates and fights for simplicity and convenience.
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Architects by profession, They have always been attracted by the design and art in general, and that passion "He was born the idea of ​​creating a clothing brand started as playing and was growing up and out to become what it is today!”
– Simplicity as a hallmark. design simple but very content Garment Comfort power?
Siiiii, Comfort to power! And Freedom Movement! It's what we always look for and although the design evolves and changes every comfort collection is always present. Nos gusta reivindicar el «confort» de todas las maneras posibles, both our baggy cuts that conform to the figure of a woman as standard with nice touch of the materials we use. It is important to understand that to look and feel sexy do not have to suffer the nuisances of moda passing bothers.
– ¿What inspires?
Uf… A lot of things! - Comment Korali – But if we have to summarize I can say that our life itself… our past and our present. Our differences and similarities. We both come from very different cultural backgrounds.
Elsa was born in Brussels and in Lima and our work is constantly enriched by these contrasts. our present: Barcelona. A city of contrasts fills itself! We live here for several years and our stage of mature adulthood we have been here - he laughs – So many aspects of our own experiencias lived, Away from the family, childhood friends, acquired new friends, etc… which are our most important source of inspiration.
So with the proper formal part of the clothing. In our collections is achieved betrayed our formation arquitectas, are supergeométricas, We love the lines and angles, Whatever we can not help! In addition we bring inspirations directly from our cultural areas that translate among other things, in the colors and details.
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As a moon day Moreno, creative process, etc…
Bueno, our days are usually pretty hectic so ... It makes it impossible to start without a well-laden couple of coffees! Overall the beginning of a new collection is always exciting. always we start by observing our surroundings… at this stage we really like getting into the subway or walk down crowded streets and just look. What people wear, how to combine your clothes, to put shoes or purse with particular garment, if it's hot or cold, Will the clothes they wear them is comfortable? etc. We can say that we conducted a study of previous field to lock ourselves and get everything you carry in your head. Always we write everything that comes to mind and we believe that we can or can serve to create or implement a design.
Once we have selected designs strict cleaning process in which we sacrifice many designs for failing to really express line collection or may not have been entirely matured. It's finally defined and all who are ready to enter the oven!
– What most and least you like the current fashion. What have you who have no other?
The fashion in general love us! We like the effect it has on people, which moves in societies and how important it is in the daily lives of many people as a vital tool of expression.
While the current fashion has its good and bad things in all areas, what we like is the speed with which mutates. It moves and changes very quickly following our frantic pace of everyday life and that's great because it makes it almost is almost a living being that influences us together and moves us.
What we like least is ultimately this rapidly unbridled often prevents the products we offer are of the quality we wanted. Perhaps some industries have increasingly affordable products, varied and latest trend, but the quality does not go hand in hand with these issues.
With Moon Moreno tried this we never pass! Our garments are not part of fast-fashion and that is why each is designed from start to finish, both design and quality of finishes and materials. When someone buys one of our garments not just a piece of clothing takes it involves hard work of months caring and thinking every detail so that it will last a long time and always a great pleasure Be wear it! That is our goal.
– Por último, ¿que se pondría «Luna Moreno» para una cena de gala?
Mmmmmm…. difficult question! But I guess that Luna Moreno would opt for a short black dress Elie Saab for example. All in black but with a supplement that of the brushstroke that can not miss.
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Images of Spring Summer 2011 Moreno Luna. Photographer: Andy Rios. Modelo: Sofia Pellicciaro

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