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Let's get to know the Guatequecacahuete firm a little better, which translates a retro touch with two simple words, joy and original to its concept as a signature.

Facing life with humor and sympathy is essential. And thus be able to face the moda it's a real luxury. If it is accompanied with style and elegance, but without losing that sympathetic point, what more can we ask for?. Without a doubt, Guatequecacahuete has it clear, quality designs, diferentes, special and with the essence of bygone eras. It also makes a firm commitment to women's curves - whatever they may be. – and is launched with names for its sizes as original as those of the owner. Another passion of this brand, the Red, undoubtedly its emblem color. If you want to know more details do not miss this interview ....

– Where was Guatequecacahuete born and why this curious name? Where or what do you draw inspiration from?

Guatequecacahuete was born in Madrid and thanks to the love affair between the designers Eva Arinero and Natalia de Lara. The name Guatequecacahuete is the union of two words, that symbolize the essence of the firm.
– “Party”By the influences of past times, and because it evokes fun and joy.
– “Peanut”For the wonderful curves of the woman.
A perfect rhyme!!!

We are inspired by the years 50 y 60. We try that in each of our collections the inspirations are different. Por ejemplo: Little Red Riding Hood Yeyé, retro-futurism, we have also been inspired by Sara Montiel, in the XVIII century, and for him 2012 we bet on Lorraine, a woman at the wheel of a Cadillac. (you can see the video presentation of this collection a little further down)

– A manifesto to convey the brand's philosophy… making it clear from the start. Is this shape only suitable for very confident girls?

Guatequecacahuete is suitable for girls who like each other and who want to like themselves as they are.

Genial la idea de "renombrar la tallas" – explain to us how the idea came about and why

Guatequecacahuete does not classify women by their centimeters, that's why we invented some funny names making women feel happy with their curves.
Nombres como: Super-P, Yeyé, Chica-boom, Dynamite, Fabulous and Great.

– You can give us some ideas for your new season, or even for 2012 ...

The new collection is called "Lorraine Returns to the Past”Inspired by a woman of the years 50, who starts her Cadillac and goes with her friends in search of freedom. to Lorraine, we have opted for plain dresses in primary colors, and others of polka dots and squares, enhancing the necklines and with a lot of flight, ideal for dancing a Rock and Roll.

– About your designs Any past era was better?

Fashion is great in all eras, but Guatequecacahuete stays with long gloves and false eyelashes.

– Have you thought about doing something for a boy? - I always ask!

At the moment it is not among our projects but it would not be bad.

– Where and at what prices can your designs be found? Will you open an online store??

We are in: Madrid, in the store "La Antigua", Bilbao "Divina Martina", Gijón "Rockola Moda", Seville "La Seta Coqueta" and "Mischief of the Bad Girl".  Prices around 100 €, depending on the fabric used, since it is a very important element in our firm. On our website you can ask or also Send us an email.

– For a firm like yours what is more important… Much and varied or little but creative?

Of course little and creative.

– What is your opinion about mass fashion? What about high luxury fashion?

Both are good and necessary in the world market. Ours is intended for people looking for exclusivity.

– How do you cope as a ”small business" the vast and competitive fashion market?.  What are your strengths?

Working hard, including pluriempleadas, it is difficult to gain a foothold in fashion, and more complicated is being able to achieve our dream which is to live in Guatequecacahuete. One of our strengths is dressing women with or without curves, in addition to striving for a fresh design, studied pattern and meticulous tailoring.