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A new conscience gains strength in the world of fashion. Are you ready for the ECO Fashion revolution??

La moda it's not always a question of rags, social movements also routinely become fads, as much or more than the different models of pants or the star hairstyle of each year. But what happens when an important social attitude suffers from the frivolity of a fashion beyond its intrinsic importance??


Reuse, recycling, new life, reinvención, give it a spin, twist of nut, no matter what you want to call it, the end is the same, give something that "it has been spent”. From making a bag out of ripped jeans to recycling glass bottles from the Last Supper. Or the idea of ​​only natural products and processes. I already talk about this in the post about DIY.

I would like to think that all this is due to a true desire to take care of the environment and as a sign of individual social conscience, and that does not respond to a passing fad about the need to be up to date in terms of eco-friendly activities, very fashionable in advertising campaigns, marketing strategies and other commercial "tricks" that companies take advantage of. But is there a real ECO Fashion?

Sea como fuere, it hits my nose that this eco inspiration is beneficial, either as a personal form or as an imposed proposal, is permeating enough to become a consistent behavioral benchmark, and above all, is generating a new social conscience in the youngest, that they see it as something normal. Maybe the mama-pija only does it because what she takes is an ecological car – in addition to state aid - but surely your daughter is perceiving such a change as positive and even necessary. Welcome ecological future.

Edition 2017:

Seven years later I meet again with this post and I consider that sustainability and the world of ECO Fashion, It is no longer a fashion! But it has become a constant. Big brands launch conscious lines (like H&M o Mango), while many young companies are committed to ecology and recycling as their way of being.