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Seagram Gin moving a corner of New York the very center of Madrid with its Seagram's NY Hotel at Only You.

Consuming certain beverages is associated with certain character. Everyone knows gin, but gin lives? I will tell you about my experience discovering its Denomination of Origin Last weekend I was lucky enough to attend a press trip organized by the Rueda Denomination of Origin to learn about the process of obtaining its wines and the strict standards that.

The name of the project is Seagram's NY Hotel at Only YOU and it moves a corner of New York to the center of the Spanish capital. throughout your journey, eThis space aims to become a social and cultural reference to enjoy and value good American practices brought directly from the city of skyscrapers.

«Four months full of parties, música, Tom Collins, gastronomy, toast, events, encounters, afterworks, a suite, sweet and salty bagels, conciertos, shaves and gin tonics… Four months in which the Only YOU Hotel Atocha will have an entire city as guests«- states the press release.

What will Seagram's NY Hotel at Only YOU contain?

This sounds great but can we reveal any of the strengths? Of course!

  • the brightest music: Without a doubt, Jazz resounds through the corners of the Big Apple. under that idea, the legendary club Blue Note, of Greenwich Village will be in charge of programming a series of musical performances that range from the most classic sounds to soul sessions, R&B y funk.

  • most iconic food (but without being predictable): Gastronomy will also have its space within this Seagram's NY Hotel at Only You, during december, Bryce Shuman, Michelin-starred chef will reinterpret pizzas, classic burgers and hotdogs from the streets of New York.
  • The best cocktails in NY: The Hotel will bring together some of the most important mixologists and cocktails in New York. Por ejemplo, Chosen “Best Bar in the World 2016” at the Spirited Awards, The Dead Rabbit, It will have a small venue in the hotel during December, starting the “resident cocktail bars” program.
  • A haircut (y beard) Luxury: Different barber shops will allow visitors to achieve "The NY look". The first one that is already available is Frank´s Chop Shop, the same one that regularly caters to artists and new executives on the Lower East Side,
  • The most international humor: fusing British barbershop culture and style with creativity covering hair care, además, humor will be added to the aforementioned. Chris Duffy, one of the funniest stand-up comedians on the current New York scene will open this unusual comedy club at Seagram's NY Hotel at Only YOU.

More information and reservations on the web

the brand of gin, with this Seagram's NY Hotel, proposes a special action that allows both its current public, as well as its possible clients to know a little more about the history of this drink and brand but linking it to a desirable environment, entertaining and above all inspiring.

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