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¿The public Martín Margiela will slap each other at 8 am to fight with the rest of the crazy people for possibly overvalued clothes? ¿It is what the Maison wants?

What a couple of days we have been with the rumors that Maison Martin Margiela could be the next firm to make a capsule collection and “low cost” with the Swedish firm H&M, famous for its exclusive collections (and also for the mogollón de pelas that are spent on advertising, that is so!). Blogs, social networks, diaries, etc… they echoed this rumor yesterday with the possible collaboration of the firm with a large brand, but big big. This morning the news was made official.: H&M Announces an exclusive collaboration with Martin Margiela for next Fall – Winter which will be available in stores next 15 de noviembre de 2012.

«We are going to bring together the opposing universes of the two houses in a way that will surprise everyone.» – The firm Maison Martin Margiela.

Every year very powerful names sound, por ejemplo the signature has been ringing for a while Tom Ford, but then they usually remain in borage water and the disappointment of the rock is monumental. YesterdayWWD communicated«According to market sources, The chain of moda rapid will soon announce its latest guest designer: Maison Martin Margiela to create a capsule collection» .

I think what they do is shoot very, very high with the rumors, all very aspirational and very “oops oops look what they said!”, and when we are all with our hair like spikes – for better or worse, because we love it or it horrifies us –  they have given us drowsiness, joys, loves and heartbreaks; they announce the real name of the collaboration by lowering the bar a bit and confirm the collaboration with someone who is not only more likely but also more realistic. In this case, realism has given way to «delusion» and this collaboration has been confirmed, which is already beginning to squeak on the network ¿The two companies are on the same line? ¿Everyone could and should have access to a Margiela? ¿Is that benefit for the firm?

«Maison Martín Margiela is one of the most important and influential firms of the last three decades. I am very excited for this collaboration that will give fashion lovers around the world the opportunity to wear special pieces from the Maison. It will be a memorable and high fashion moment» – Margareta van den Bosch, creative advisor to H&M.

«We are very pleased to present the Maison Martin Margiela pieces for H&M, that will offer a new interpretation of our vision. The democracy of our fashion has always been at the core of our creativity, and collaboration allows us to push this instinct further. – MMM

I am not saying that the collections made up to now have been “low bar”, Karl, Versace, Victor, Jimmy, They are undoubtedly true names in fashion and have drawn thousands of followers but Until now they have always arrived at times when the firm needed this media push (por ejemplo, Versace needed to reactivate but already, before sinking in completely; or in Lanvin they took advantage of the fact that Alber is losing his grip) and incidentally benefiting H very and a lot&M with very very salable proposals and “to die for” (or what we would translate as “to give each other hosts for”). Ideas as risky and creative as those of the Maison will drive us crazy? ( I would love for them to release something as cool as the photos that illustrate this post from last winter)


This Maison Martín Margiela collaboration for H&M for me is a reason for joy! It is true that the signature is “under the command” Mr. Diesel (Renzo Rosso) and let's say that now she is willing to «give a media and mundane bell» but i wonder, ¿The Martín Margiela audience would slap each other to get a bracelet that will credit you for 10 minutes to get some probably overpriced clothes and «little understandable»? ¿People who had not heard of the firm will go to buy it like crazy? ¿It will pass like marni, what will be left for «knowledgeable»? ¿Is the Maison really looking for that democratization or is it a «see what you can never have? ¿Could keep making me wonder ever?

For now, surely the websites of the two firms are already becoming saturated, that the entries in blogs and newspapers receive thousands of visits and that there are already people in favor, against, outraged, surprised or even saving for when the time comes… 

I am quite a fan of these low cost collaborations with H&M – you can get me out for something! – I am aware that the quality is not the same and that they are a clear “I want to but I can not”, but you hear, I like the jaleo since I have one nearby (that Granada did not arrive H&m until a year ago). So it would not be bad if they lowcostmargielized me…

It's what the rumors have, (and great collaborations) that make us dream…. ¿Would you like to see a Maison Martín Margiela for H&M in your closet?