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Love to hate is one step - or just an antonym - today I talk about a reference mola causing us to wonder: Justin O´Shea.

You know that this series of article "Why I hate?” game limits synonyms, antonyms and double meanings - as already I have done with Gianlucha Vacchi - to tell you about something that causes me admiration and equally tirria. This time we were with Justin O'Shea one of the most interesting male characters in the world of moda.

If in the last article he spoke in reverse to reveal at the end that everything was a lie, Here I will be clearer and list its positive elements Let themselves are strong enough to understand the irrepressible hatred that I have! But friend Manuel, Could it be jealousy? - You will ask me - and I will answer: It can be very strongly ENVY!

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  • It has become fashionable English gentleman: His passion for suits and strong aesthetic commitment to the Old School has managed to become a benchmark for any gentleman 2.0 self-respecting. Even Vogue llo set an example for become the perfect "Londoner"
  • he is good looking: We can not say that Justin O'Shea is the most handsome man in the world, but if your attitude and charisma make him a very attractive and able to hypnotize man And those big eyes! (Although it is a pity that almost always covered with lead glasses Sun)
  • It is essential in the world of fashion: Throughout his career he has managed to become an indispensable figure in the fashion world, from offering the best looks to the best and most desired products on the web in which it is purchasing manager
  • It has a strong personality: Not only it has demonstrated through his interviews, but also through their actions being able to adapt to trends and even revolutionize your look (when he shaved the beard I almost stopped the world of fashion) and still he.
  • It is inspiring: His career in the fashion world and her passion for fashion but from a "rational" view certainly inspires many people.
  • It's fun: No more is needed to follow on social networks to realize that life is taken with philosophy and Humor and share a lot of time with family and friends!
  • It has big bucks: It is clear that manages, MyTheresa created since has become one of the most influential men in relation to fashion shopping, and that certainly is also noted in your checkbook.
  • Blends perfectly formality and macarrismo: You can inspire an English lord or a biker aimlessly With just take a couple of pieces!
  • you know how to choose: There is nothing I like more in a person who knows how to choose. I do not care it for themselves or for others, and I do not care about fashion it, food, música, cine or colors to the wall! Knowing how to choose does anyone become a benchmark and certainly Justin O'Shea has become legendary thanks to them.
  • And not to be frivolous, the great body or talk... (but leave graphic document in this blog are much to inform and entertain)

And these are the reasons that make this man a "hated" for my! (ya sabéis, just talking backwards). And do not forget me add that it is important keep in mind that Justin O'Shea enjoy our profession and have a sixth sense to succeed in it should be mandatory for all! (Within our possibilities) and that there are people who remind us, It is absolutely necessary. Thanks Justin!