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This year they have not invited me (or accredited as press, nothing), It is when me is by desiring to comment parades! How crazy life? ¿eh?

I've been tweeting (in semi-direct, I'm lazy) my opinion and looks favorite collections Autumn / Winter 2018 – 2019 presented in Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid – #MBFWMadrid (January edition 2018) y los he unificado en una llamada «historia de Twitter», which is a format where a number of unified by a common thread tweets.

It is a new format in the blog, but I wanted to try. Especially since I think today the content can and should be multichannel and like the blog post distributed networks. Why not include some things published in blog networks and amplify their impact?

I received the affection of many brands and I have reflected with others through this series of opinions, so it has been very interested in betting on this new way of narrating my vision of the moda Spanish and MBFWMadrid. I hope you like my reflections, if not, Do not hesitate to refute it is always interesting face postures and learn!

#MBFWMadrid data – January of 2018

In this call, the gateway forward its beginning a few weeks to open the calendar of international shows and encourage the submission of the collections of the great names of creation in our country -consagrados and new securities-, without entering into agreement with other platforms circuit. His schedule includes parades and presentations 48 designers and brands. Nombres como Maria Escoté, Palomo Spain, Alvarno, Juan Vidal, Jorge Vazquez, Teresa Helbig, Ana Locking, The 2nd Skin, ManeMané, Ulises Mérida, Garcia Madrid, Andres Sarda, Leandro Cano the Devout&Race, entre otros, They will again project into its new proposals their point of view, fruit of his creative talent and innovation capacity.

In the chapter of #MBFWMadrid is relevant developments around the general program of the gateway names with great weight in the world of Spanish fashion, como Pedro del Hierro, Oliva, Leandro Cano, Moses Nieto, Miguel Marinero, that adds the participation for the first time the creative duo Oteyza, La Condesa, Duarte and the duo Shoop Clothing. Also it highlighted in this edition around Roberto Verino a IFEMA, the walkway canopy 14.1, After two editions presenting different scenarios parade in Madrid; the first parade Isabel Nunez in the IFEMA, and holding parades Leandro Cano, Manemané and Juan Vidal,Premios Who’s on Next-VOGUE, at the Real Casa de Correos Puerta del Sol, headquarters of the Community of Madrid.