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In the actual world, myopia has become a major eye health problem. The increase in its prevalence has generated growing concern in the medical and optical community.. In this context, Zamora optics, a trusted optician in Madrid, has stood out for its specialization in the control of myopia, particularly through the technique of orthokeratology or ortho-k.

In the words of Irene Zamora, head of Optics Zamora, «Thanks to Ortho-k lenses, we can modify the refractive error and thus carry out an effective control of myopia and in many cases reverse it”. For this, This center has become one of the best options to go to a myopia control in Madrid

¿Why myopia is a growing eye health problem?

Myopia is a refractive disorder that affects the eye's ability to correctly focus objects at a distance.. In the last decades, an alarming increase in its incidence has been observed worldwide, especially in urban areas. environmental factors, such as excessive use of electronic devices and time spent in close-up activities, have been identified as significant contributors to this trend.

Myopia not adequately corrected can lead to long-term visual complications, such as increased risk of developing serious eye diseases, including retinal detachment and glaucoma.

¿What is orthokeratology?

orthokeratology, aka ortho-k, is a non-invasive technique that uses special contact lenses to temporarily correct myopia and, in some cases, monitor your progression. These rigid gas permeable lenses are worn at night while we sleep, and as they exert gentle pressure on the cornea, mold their shape to correct the refractive error.

The success of Ópticas Zamora in ortho-k

Zamora optics has become a reference in Madrid when it comes to orthokeratology. Your success is based on a combination of key factors:

  1. Highly trained professionals: The Ópticas Zamora team is made up of optometrists and specialists in myopia control who have extensive experience in fitting ortho-k lenses..
  1. cutting edge technology: The optician is equipped with the latest technology in the field of optometry and ophthalmology, allowing accurate measurements and custom adjustments for each patient.
  1. personalized attention: In Optics Zamora, the focus on the patient is paramount. A complete study of each case is carried out to determine the viability of ortho-k and ensure an effective and safe treatment..
person putting contact lens on fingers

Benefits of orthokeratology

  • Effective control of myopia: Orthokeratology allows slowing the progression of myopia in children and adolescents, thereby reducing the risk of long-term ocular complications.
  • Correction without surgery: For those who are not candidates for refractive surgery or who want a non-permanent alternative, ortho-k offers a safe and reversible option.
  • clear vision without glasses no contact lenses during the day: Patients can enjoy clear vision without the need for vision corrections during their daily activities.
  • Reversibility: If a patient decides to stop using ortho-k lenses, your vision will gradually return to its original state.

The importance of prevention and control

Preventing myopia is very important, regardless of the vital moment in which you find yourself and in Ópticas Zamora they pay special attention to this section. This is what has made them become one of the best opticians in Madrid.

Prevention of myopia in children

Myopia in children has been a topic of great concern, and this is where orthokeratology can make a significant difference. La early detection and the implementation of preventive measures, like the ortho-k, can help reduce the progression of myopia and its possible consequences.

Control of myopia in adults

Not only children benefit from orthokeratology, but also adults with myopia can find in this technique a solution to improve your quality of life and control your visual condition.

En resumen, Ópticas Zamora has established itself as a trusted optician in Madrid, specialized in the effective control of myopia through orthokeratology or ortho-k. This technique, that allows to modify the refractive error and control the progression of myopia, has proven to be a safe and effective alternative for patients of all ages. The commitment of the Ópticas Zamora team to personalized attention and the use of cutting-edge technology are key factors in the success of this optician's. Así, myopia no longer has to be a constant concern, thanks to advances in optics and the specialization of professionals such as Ópticas Zamora.