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Because if a bedroom is well ordered, more fancy look into it outside the window. We all want to have an IKEA bedroom.

There is nothing better than a home amueblarte head”, this cry used by IKEA I find exceptional, but matizaría to realize that the order of it can help us further. Because we must recognize that there is nothing more frustrating than wanting to find something in a cluttered space, or want to take advantage of the maximum space and not be able. Nothing to release more than having our mind under control and orderly environment! Because we all want a bedroom IKEA is not?

Sometimes no need to undertake major changes in our house - no big investments – to improve the organization and order. Small changes, we can get a great deal of satisfaction. Pecause we all get a silly smile to seeing our well-ordered coas Why we not put us up with her? If it is even sleep better!

IKEA bedroom

There are companies dedicated to provide us the enjoyment of our home, including the use of space. In this regard IKEA, the world's leading organization promoting ideas long your call "school of decoration" where they publish interior design tips to make every corner of "our life" as say "The solution is not to have more meters but use them know they". Ahora, its section Room 365 It helps us to focus our efforts in the bedroom.

No matter who is in the kitchen, in the living room or bathroom ... control spaces should become a part of our routine and ease of use you can make us feel much safer. Por supuesto, the bedroom, where we relaxed and enjoyed our time off, You deserve a special affection. But what laziness! ¿no?

For example changing a standard bed the other with internal storage will be able to improve the usable storage space. Incluso, If you do not want to invest in new furniture, can reorganize the interior (with accessories to boost the drawer space) or outside (hangers, etc..).Convert our space into a bedroom IKEA.

Además, it is important to define the use of each of the furniture in the bedroom, since its functionality can also help us organize (Nightstand most intimate things, clothes that do not wrinkle folded Comoda and if hanging in the closet; the couch for less common things like clothes other seasons ...).

the importance of the order looks great in the bedroom, and specifically in the closet when we are faced with a decorating magazine, watching a series or movie and long for its protagonists cabinets. Well try to take you home!

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IKEA bedroom