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orthokeratology, aka Ortho-k, It consists of something as simple as putting on corrective lenses overnight to be able to see well the next day..

looks like magic, but no, it's science. Wearing contact lenses while we sleep can help us the rest of the day… Se trata de unsafe treatment, effective and reversible, It can be very useful especially for people withmyopia, que, for any circumstance, cannot or do not want to use glasses the contact lenses. An excellent option, taking into account that cases of myopia do not stop growing. According to data from the World Health Organization to which he has had accessGeneral Optics, it is estimated thatmyopia will affect half of the population in the next few years, while childhood myopia, which now has a prevalence of 30 al 40 %, will soon reach the 60 %.

Many of the people who have myopia look for a comfortable waymoda to see well. Glasses and contact lenses are an effective and widely used method to have clear vision, But sometimes, especially in the case of children and athletes, Wantedsee clearly without having to be aware of the use of glasses. for these cases, orthokeratology or Ortho-k can be very helpful.

My bed is my the best friend

Por ello, the experts ofGeneral Optics They show us everything we need to know about this contact lens technique while we sleep:

1. What is orthokeratology

Ortho-k consists of usingnight correction lenses that gently reshape the curvature of the cornea. This way, smoothly change its shape and make it flatter, allowing the eye to focus light rays onto the retina. This small modification causes the eye to temporarily have the same characteristics as an emmetropic eye., without graduation, what makes the person have aclear vision in the morning, no need to wear glasses or contact lenses.

Although the Ortho-kdoes not permanently eliminate or make the visual health problem for which they are used disappear, it is a painless treatment, safe and non-invasive. Must take into account, además, which is a progressive and reversible method, ya que, after a while, the eye regains its shape and the person its usual graduation.

2. How are the contact lenses while we sleep

Not all Orto-k contact lenses are the same, ya queeach person needs personalized ones, depending on the characteristics of your cornea. Por ello, Interested parties must undergo a prior study in their trusted optics. Allí, will perform a corneal topography, which consists of drawing a three-dimensional map of the cornea that will act as a mold. This studio, which is completely painless, along with relevant assessment of the ocular surface, the quality and integrity of the tear film and the number of diopters, determine if the patient is considered suitable for orthokeratology.

In case it is considered suitable, las contact lenses They will be manufactured according to the data obtained in the corneal topography.The result will be personalized contact lenses., shaped to exert gentle pressure on a specific area of ​​the eye at night. These night lenses, also known as “pajama contact lenses”, They are somegas permeable contact lenses, designed so that the eye is adequately oxygenated and that they are comfortable for the people who wear them.

3. Steps to use Orto-k contact lenses

Contact lenses while we sleep require a serie of care that will manage to maintain both its quality, such as the eye health of the people who wear them. The optical experts ofGeneral Optics They show us the fundamentals for its correct use:

  • Wash your hands well with soap and water before handling the lenses: is essential to prevent germs from reaching the eyes.
  • Wash the lenses and rinse them with a suitable solution, rubbing them very gently so they don't get damaged.
  • Before putting on your contact lenses, fill them with artificial tears.
  • If the person gets up at night, it is not necessary to remove them., because he will have enough vision to handle himself without problems.
  • after spending the night, mustclean and rinse the lenses again, treating them with equal care.
  • Store lenses in the lens holder, immersing them in a specific disinfectant solution for night contact lenses.
  • Follow theagreed periodic visits with our trusted optician and change lenses when convenient to preserve eye health.

4. Advantages ofs contact lenses while we sleep

Orthokeratology has multiple advantages over other methods such as conventional contact lenses or glasses. The experts ofGeneral Optics They show us which are the main:

freedom of movement. The fact of not having to wear glasses or contact lenses gives freedom of movement and greater comfort, what resultsof interest especially in athletes and children.

safe treatment. Ortho-k is a completely safe method, provided good use and good eye hygiene are maintained. In case of children, it is advisable to ensure that they wash their hands properly before handling the contact lenses.

Without time limit. There is no time limit when using this method. orthokeratologycan be used for years, as long as the indications of expert opticians are followed.

Suitable in children. Orthokeratology is not only very comfortable in small, but alsoused in children and adolescents to prevent further myopia from growing.

reverse method. The effect of contact lenses while we sleep is reversible.When they stop being used, the eye returns to its normal shape, which allows the person to abandon the treatment at any time if they deem it appropriate.

Compatible with water sports. Ortho-k is the only method compatible with water sports, so it is suitable fordeportistas, children or adults doing water activities or fans of swimming.

contact lenses while we sleep

«La ortoqueratología es el método más revolucionario seguro, effective and reversible to stop myopia, of all those who do not want to wear glasses or contact lenses during the day. Por ello, desde General Optica animamos a todos a que se pongan en manos de sus ópticos de confianza para que les expliquen todo lo que deben saber sobre la Orto-k y a que les hagan un estudio personalizado para ver si es el método que más les conveniente para cuidar de su salud visual».

Jose Ramon Garcia Baena, optician-optometrist in charge of Visual Health Services at General Óptica

5. Who is Ortho-k indicated for?

As it mentioned above, contact lenses while we sleep (orthokeratology) It is especially aimed at people with myopia, although it can also be effective for people with farsightedness and astigmatism, Taking into account that, minus diopters, the more effective and faster the treatment can be.

Regarding the user profile, can be very convenient forpeople who lead a very active lifestyle, in which the glasses are annoying, whothey do not tolerate other types of treatments, athletes who do contact sports, or any other physical activity in which the use of glasses or contact lenses is not convenient and inchildren in whom it is desired to correct the refractive error without the need for them to wear glasses or contact lenses or in whichseek to stop the advance of myopia in an effective way.

*Information sent by General Óptica.