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All sports have finished looks inspiring urban, paddle could be less because since its inception was conceived as a sport where aesthetics was essential.

Paddle tennis is a sport of Mexican origin, after creation, It spreads and popularized in most European countries, soon becoming one of the favorite sports in Spanish. Many years ago this sport practiced stopped by simple moda or postureo and went on to become an interesting physical activity each earn more fans. Por ejemplo, we find brands, como las Palas Bullpadel, they are able to develop a color palette in its blades that would surprise everyone and become objects linking paddle and fashion.

This sport is characterized by progressive physical requirement, funny, easy to practice and also promotes integration in society and entertainment, thus making people make new friends. And certainly, used clothing for this sport is the most attractive and comfortable in the world of sport. So much so that fashion designers have been inspired by the garments to develop and design many of its collect, in which they manage to combine comfort and elegance, excellent results.

Brief History of the clothing of the Pádel

Since the invention of the sport, clothing used to practice has undergone various changes. A mid 60, When it was invented, did not take into account the importance of the wardrobe has on athletic performance, but what parts of the body were exposed, especially for women, who they played with long skirts, long sleeved blouses and long dresses; Men usually played with long pants, button-down shirts and even sweaters and jackets.

Paddle tennis and fashion

It was in the years 70 when paddle tennis and fashion began to be combined and to be more relevant. Women used to play with skirts to the knee, high stockings and hats; while men played with shorts and short-sleeved shirts. Although fans of this sport seeking garments that were a little more comfortable than before, during this time was to dress with elegance being the most important.

Already in years 80 sport enjoyed great popularity in many countries of the world and ever more increasing number of people interested in practicing. Women practiced with great fondness because it allowed them to retain good physical condition, gain muscle mass and also socialize. At this time already he began designing sportswear tight to the body, that emphasized femininity, They were made specific textile material and possessed attractive colors. shorts and skirts over knee were the most popular of the moment.

Since the years 90 until now used clothing for this sport has been constantly evolving, taking into account materials breathable, flexible and durable, also designs that allow freedom of movement and are comfortable to wear. This ensured that the players can move with complete freedom on the pitch without the cause impairment dress. On the market are many garments, from short dresses for women to sport shirts for men tight but always trying to keep a touch chic accompanying paddle from birth.

Influence of sportswear in urban fashion

Now everyone wants to look good, but without sacrificing comfort. It is for this that sportswear is no longer just for sport,but now part of urban fashion conquering young and old.

Great designers recognize that sports clothes have succeeded in entering and form an important part of urban fashion, It is for this reason that they have inspired their most popular and functional garments to design their collections.

Sweatshirts, shirts and sneakers are some of the specialized clothing for sports that have made the jump to the day to day making the Athleisure a global trend. Undoubtedly imprint styling of the paddle it has also moved from the track to the street.

Paddle tennis and fashion

Paddle elements that inspire fashion.

Sin duda, paddle blades and designs inspire not only fabrics but also prints. Designers combining fashion and paddle courts often have "the best of both worlds" and get excellent results. Daily, can be used are inspired clothing which are usually used to play this sport, achieving be fashionable, stylish and with great comfort. Short skirts loose, leggins, polos, dresses and shirts are some of the sports clothes used by players and where, as already they had that touch chic from 60, They have inspired the most famous designers along their collections over the years.

Example styling elements paddle and fashion

Por ejemplo, for a male style where sports take center stage we can propose a jeans (short or long) with sweatshirt and sneakers, it will be convenient and simple; por ejemplo, for girls we can think of a short dress as those used in the game, also with a sweatshirt over it and low sports shoes, como por ejemplo, a model of Asics Shoes paddle, with a simple design and a multitude of colors.