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Surely you are seeing them in all stores but, ¿What are parachute pants and who do they look better on?? Find out everything in this post.

Each season comes loaded with novelties, of reissues or trends that revive after decades in oblivion. The latter is what is happening with the parachute pants that, after more than 20 years stored in the drawer, now they have their space again in the coat racks and online stores of the brands of moda more massive. Let's learn a little more about them.

¿What are parachute pants?

Parachute pants are a type of pants that are loosely cut and often have large pockets and an adjustable belt at the waist.. They are also known as parachute pants. – literal translation of a colloquial name based on the width of its legs and its type of fabric slightly reminiscent of the shape and feel of parachutes -, hiking pants or tactical pants.

They tend to be resistant and durable fabrics such as cotton, polyester and nylon. These fabrics are ideal for everyday use and even for outdoor activities as they are resistant to water and wind and are also easy to clean and dry..

Parachute Pants
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They have a shape and pattern that makes them very comfortable to wear.. Parachute pants also often have reinforcements in areas such as the knees and pockets to increase their durability and resistance..

¿Who invented the parachute pants?

Although it is not possible to identify exactly who invented this model of pants, we do know that it comes from the military field. – another reference inspired by the name – y que They became wildly popular in the 1990s. 1990 among hiking lovers, the outdoors or urban activities. Its creation and boom was born from the need to create comfortable and resistant pants to wear often.

Hoy en día, Although a few years have passed where they were overshadowed, They are back with force, not only as a comfortable and versatile option for those looking for resistant and practical pants for outdoor activities or situations in which great mobility is needed., but also as a sign of relaxed style and redefinition of urban garments in daily clothing.

¿Who wears these pants better??

Parachute Pants
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Due to their pattern, parachute pants tend to favor people with tall and thin bodies., as its roomy cut can make people with wider bodies look bigger and shorter of what they really are.

Sin embargo, this does not mean that people with wider bodies cannot wear parachute pants. You already know that here we always advocate aesthetic freedom, so if you like them and feel comfortable wearing them, so you can wear them no matter your body type. The important thing is to feel good about yourself and enjoy the clothes you wear..

¿with what they combine? ¿what do i wear them with?

Like almost everything in the world of fashion and style, garments can be as versatile as the person wearing them. En general, and following the same tones that these pants usually have, these The colors that usually combine well with parachute pants are green, khaki and brown, since they are colors that are associated with the outdoors and activities in nature.

Yes, these pants are usually associated with comfortable looks with sweatshirts, zapatillas, t-shirts or boots, but here we are going to give you three possible looks that go from the most comfortable to a slightly more sophisticated touch..

  • The urban look for a morning of errands: Parachute pants usually go well with cotton T-shirts, hoodies and sneakers.
  • A casual style for an afternoon with friends: With some more walking shoes, a slightly more refined sweatshirt or even a relaxed sweater or shirt you can get a look that is a little more dressy to spend an afternoon with friends making fun plans.
  • A cool touch to go out: With a slightly more original or festive T-shirt and more well-dressed shoes (you can even try heeled boots) you can get a slightly more sophisticated look