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In the comfort and surprise mystery has been good look during the holidays

If a garment is bored to death suit jacket. Y diréis “Manuel, most radical comment ... " and I will answer "Yes and no, in equal parts”. Admittedly a tailored suit well chosen – perfect figure and good equipment - can be great and be flattering Sea; pero when it gets as easy to save the ballot resource becomes the worst enemy of a man.

Irregular movements not get comfortable, sizes are not appropriate, costumes provided not even reflect the personality and style that bears are some of the problems of a garment, if you do not get on with a great ease, It does a disservice to any man.

pasa traje navidad

Since I published an article entitled BFACE "Flee Christmas costume"It is indicating that there is life beyond this appeal set for kids. There proposed combinations like jeans with shirts, the slacks, Costume loose pieces combined with more informal clothes, without forgetting - of course - the prints jerseys.

A garment can crush or praise anyone based on their charisma. And if it can harm the style of a man, in this case it can also be a perfect ally for women. Since Yves Saint Laurent women's smoking propose seems to me that there has been more innovative idea to get ready in the female universe.

Por supuesto, I consider that should be flattering costumes, avoiding any reference to the soda clerk look. Opting for tight cuts and especially able to show your style .... If you want to give you extra femininity you can wear under gauze, lace or transparencies and - if you can - get on a good heel. If you prefer to dial attitude: groovy sneakers and accessories. Remember, a suit can become a random Secretary office or any streetstyle photographer's muse turn of You decide!

traje fiestas mujer

Brands have realized this and why every time estilismos proposed for the holidays much more relaxed. Windows and see who dare to mark festive outfits with sneakers or more comfortable. The idea is that children can banish the costume for the holidays and find appropriate and festive outfits that reflect their personality but while girls open mind and dare to combine and get to feel the queen of the night. For example C&A en su web He has created a section called "Party Vibes" where we see the most relaxing holidays different looks.

the time that you spend Plantées the suit and bring out your own informal style even during the holidays has come.