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What would you say if I told you that there is a personal shopper to man a couple of clicks away? ¡Si, without leaving home! Therein lies Fashiop.

Fashiop It is a personal shopper online service exclusively for men in Spain. It is true that more and more, men seize control of your closet – there is nothing more anachronistic and tatty that the phrase "my wife buys me clothes«. But sometimes it comes in handy aid, especially in order to define and enhance your style, and above all save time and effort; because we must recognize that having a well stocked cupboard requires an effort that not many people are willing to do.

Fashiop advisers'they go shopping and for our customers», defined. Their team of stylists select the clothes that best suit the needs of your customers and send them to you try them comfortably and unhurried, also they help them combine with each other to optimize their purchases.. And all this for free! You only pay for the clothes you stay. No shipping or refund Additional.

Personal Shopper Men FASHIOP BOX (3)

Según explican: In fashiop we not want to offer a "shopping opportunities" but a "smart shopping", the opportunity to buy clothes ADEQUATE judiciously without leaving home. With the "outsourcing of the shopping" we're giving away time, while our clients can reinvest in what really comforting them.

After registration on the platform, It is done an interview style (phone or skype) with / personal shopper for men assigned. Después, stylist up to personal area of ​​the customer a customized selection of 12-16 clothing. Once you have the acceptance of the customer are entered into a "fashiop box" that is sent to the desired address. The person concerned has 5 days to try on clothes and decide what stays and what not. Whatever you decide to stay Ya will stay at home! Later, invoice is submitted and executed payment of garments has been.

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A Touch of CSR

Además, from Fashiop give the opportunity to its customers that when they return the clothes are not interested to stay, include a number of items they no longer use and the web itself sends to cooperatives that redistributes among the needy.