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Tired of pink or red?  Bet on strong colors! I  I want lipstick colors that impact!


These photographs made me see the light Why settle for red, with the pink, with the iconic or with the brown? Why not go a step further and discover fun colors, shocking and make you stand out from the rest.

The photographs belong to the spring issue of VIVA magazine! Moda, where the model Sylwia Sucharska - or rather her lips - let the make-up artist Marcin Szczepaniak and the photographer Piotr Stoklosa lead the way to make this colorful editorial about watches. But in my case, the clock is the least, what has fallen in love with me have been the striking colors of the lips.

I understand that this is difficult to achieve this daily, and that drinks from expert hands and great production, but I ask them If there were lipsticks that could easily be achieved, would you wear them on a night out?

Even so, I don't think so much sophistication is necessary when daring with color, since I myself have seen - in the Chinese, yes - a multitude of options in very fun colors. Why not jump into the pool with a nice strong orange lipstick, or even a bright apple green? If this terrain for nails has already been conquered! Let's do it with our lips too.

PD: The watches are from DKNY, Armani, Police or TW Steel for whom it may concern ...