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Fashion can be enjoyed in many ways, With these fashion plans at home you can continue to be linked to this wonderful world without leaving the sofa.

We always link the moda at grades fashionista cities, eventazos, streetstyle, exhibitions or parades pero, ¡fashion can also be enjoyed from home! Sí, as you hear, there is a serie of very interesting fashion plans at home that you can do without leaving your living room…

Couch, blanket and series

Audiovisual content is always a good way to be able to hang out at home. So not long ago I decided to create a list with All series on fashion world. In this article they are the series in which fashion matters and is not only a decorative element.

Improve your fashion training

If you work in the sector or if you only like it, it is the perfect time to improve your knowledge about it. It is a good fashion plans at home to unify leisure and training. Por ejemplo, could you improve your specific English in fashion thanks to the course Fashion English from the wonderful Rosanna Ryan. MOMA has also facilitated access to its international courses, and there is a very special one called Fashion as Desing in which analyzing clothing and accessories from the years 70 is achieved understand how fashion is present in our life.

Virtual visit to fashion museums

The Costume Museum is a plan in Madrid, although now it is under renovation and will not be able to be visited for a few months, the museum has decided to organize a virtual visit for the same. Works as un digital catalog and where you can find all the pieces that were exposed in the showcases before closing with the most detailed information possible.

planes de moda en casa

By the way here you can see the article I made during my visit to the museum collection they are sure to surprise you with everything they contain.

Asimismo, la Prada Foundation also joins the initiative of many museums and open its doors online for free with videos, photographs and interviews, In addition to a review of the archives, the archives of the foundation to continue contributing to fashion plans at home.

Coloring an iconic shoe

One of the things that most attract the attention of super shoe designer Manolo Blahnik are his sketches and drawings of his iconic shoes. They were actually one of the things I liked the most about your exhibition in Madrid. Now the Canarian designer has decided that we can all color those drawings and has made a section available on his website where he can download the sketches to be able to color them whenever you want at home and relax a little.

planes de moda en casa

Hang out with a (o 50) magazines

Fashion magazines have turned to the idea of ​​reaching the more houses the better to maintain entertainment. Por eso now we can review the Vogue Italia archive and review their iconic photos.

Asimismo, Many business groups have also provided free access to their magazines in digital format.. Por ejemplo, through the Kiosk app and more you can read Elle for free, Cosmopolitan, qmd, Esquire, Harper’s Bazaar, Men’s Health, Ten minutes, She Gourmet, Frames, Kitchen Ten, House Ten, micasa, DeViajes, Super Telephoto, Car and Driver, New style, Elle Decoration, Women’s Health y Runners. This is one of the fashion plans at home that for now is limited since it will only be available on the confinement of COVID19. Even so, after this, we can continue enjoying your digital content from home.

Approach luxury through the social networks of the brands

Luxury brands also launch to communicate to be at home. Brands like Loewe (with your plans Loewe at home) , La Louis Vuitton Foundation (showing digitially: exhibitions, master classes or concerts) or Ferragamo with on #FerragamoTrivia (where brand stories become something to play).


These actions are also due to confinement but undoubtedly the social networks of luxury brands always inspire us, so taking a tour of their Instagram will always be a good idea, whether we are confined or not.

A good fashion book

Por último, but no less important. One of the most interesting sectors of the fashion world is literature. From biographies, essays, novels starring workers and characters from the world, libros of photographs or drawing, etc. Fashion finds in books a perfect fusion between aesthetics and knowledge. I recommend the Superflua Editorial specialized in fashion

Además, you can take a look at my #Fashionteca where I have collected some books about fashion that I find very interesting.

Cover photo byToa Heftiba onUnsplash