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Sightseeing in Madrid is saturated with topical and very visible places, Here I propose a different day that surely surprises you and takes your adventurous side going to places less touristy.

Well you are here or come from trip we're always looking for new plans. There are hundreds of hotels in Madrid, restaurants, monuments, parks or ideas to enjoy the city, It's a delicious mess! But what if we think an original day in Madrid?

If this is the first time you visit the capital (do not miss my article what you can not miss in Madrid) it is normal to want to explore the mythical places but if you've been other times certainly also looking for original ideas to experience the city in a different way.

Aquí I have prepared a very special and original journey that alienate you from most tourist sites but the original will make your day an unforgettable one thing Madrid.

Original day in Madrid

Coffee "vintage" to start

It is one of the most legendary local insiders for locals but not of the touristed for all tourists. This is the Lolina Vintage Café (Street of the Holy Spirit, 9) and his mix of antique furniture, and delicious coffee essence Bohemia I think a perfect place to start our different day.

Original day in Madrid

Download tension throwing axes

One of the most original plans you can do in Madrid is throwing axes. ¡Sí! As you read! But do not panic, It is all controlled. This is a good time in Splintertree (Calle Narciso Serra, 15) where you can go with friends and desestresarte throwing axes against a target.

Go directly to the most modern Japan to eat

A lunch stop? If you've already tried the squid sandwich and Madrid stew, Let us go directly to feed the other side of the world! Right in the heart I recommend Chic Suchi (Street Caballero de Gracia, 12), restaurant, besides being very rich, It is decorated as if we were in the most modern Japan.

Original day in Madrid

Relax strolling the very special garden

In the middle of Madrid are a very special house. This is the Sorolla Museum (Ride the General Martínez Campos, 37) que, set in a manor house early 1900, It delights us with a classic garden of one of these buildings with fountains, vines and perfect places to rest. Although it is very small, worth to be inspired by him.

Original day in Madrid

Live near the theater

We can not always be a foot action. That's what allows Microteatro for money (Calle de Loreto y Chicote, 9). Rooms with a capacity of 8 people whom plays are represented short duration and that will get you to get right into the action, Almost literally!

Original day in Madrid

Toast with a cocktail by the magnificent day

What do you think if we end our original day in Madrid toasting with a cocktail? For this I recommend the Grand Salmon Guru (Calle de Echegaray, 21). With its philosophy of Cocktails and Rock & Roll will not leave you indifferent nor its decor and incredible cocktails copyright in the most original containers.

I have been presented with money to spend on this special day or part of but all opinions collected here are mine.

Photo coverCharles Zurita  enUnsplash