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Technology allows us to visit any place in the world through virtual reality, discover the best works of art in the world on museum websites or learn more about space thanks to NASA.

For the most travelers to better cope with this period with movement restrictions, the motorhome rental platformIndie Campers, has collected six travel plans without leaving home and perfect entertainment plans to have a fun time. New technologies allow, despite these restrictions, we can travel without having to move from home. And I love to share it with all of you.

Visit museums anywhere in the world. During the pandemic, many museums were encouraged to upload their collections to their websites. Así, through the Internet and without having to move, we can discover some of the most important works in the world in their virtual tours. From Indie Campers they encourage us to visit the websites of thePrado Museum (España), elHermitage (Russia), elBritish Museum (England), elLouvre Museum (Francia) o elMuseo Van Gogh (Netherlands).

Take a walk through space. For those who the Earth is too small, NASA has a website where we can explore space, visit the International Space Station, watch a rocket launch or take a tour of Mars, all from the comfort of our sofa. Para ello, we only need to access the webNASA VR or visit the institution's YouTube channel.

Themed dinners in which we prepare typical dishes from different parts of the world.Lovers travel they can enjoy themed dinners in which they prepare typical dishes of the countries they wish to visit. This way, we will learn and try new dishes and flavors while having fun. To discover what are the typical dishes of each area of ​​the world we can consult the map created byTaste Atlas, which will help us choose what our next gastronomic goal will be.

Board games about travel. Board games are one of the best options to fill the time and without a doubt one of these travel plans without leaving home. Si, además, these games are about travel we can also have fun while we discover new places in the world as a family. From Indie Campers, some of them remind us likeAdventurers to the train, where we travel through different countries of the world by rail while we design our own routes; o, Around the world in 80 días, based on the classic book by Jules Verne, and where we will have to go around the Earth while facing different challenges.

Safari from the couch. Travel and animal lovers can enjoy from home different web pages showing animals in their natural habitat. One of the most famous, where we can see wild animals live, e incluso, filter the animal we are looking for. Another project that shows animal life live isInternational Wolf Center, where can we observe wolves.

Travel virtual reality games. Another of the traveling plans without leaving home can be almost "from the future", There are different virtual reality games that allow us to find the inspiration we need for our next trips such asOutsite, that allows us to visit any place in the world by putting the name of the place in the search engine of its website, oYouVisit, an application that allows us, besides visiting places to live experiencias how to fly in a helicopter.

Photo ported byEgor Gordeev onUnsplash