Fashion podcast: Pulling the String for Yellow Glasses 📻

I present to you Pulling the Thread, The first podcast of The Lord of the Yellow Glasses to highlight the most original works of fashion, Counted through its protagonists!

En Pulling the thread, the podcast of Gafas yellow, we will discover special and surprising parts of the world of moda through its protagonists. They will discover ssecrets and anecdotes of his profession and we will get to know better that pile of works that form the great fabric of fashion.

Where can you hear it? Everywhere! 😜

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Chapter #1. Jewels on the red carpet with Helena Bermúdez de Castro

Who and how do they lend the spectacular gems that celebrities wear on the red carpet? In the first episode of Pulling the Thread, the podcast ofGafas Amarillas, I talk with Helena Bermudez de Castro, Director of Communication in Spain and Portugal ofCHOPARD, to better explain what it is «accessorize»And some curiosities of his work.

Chapter #2. Second-hand clothes with Leticia González

What is behind the second clothes? Who and how to buy and sell? In this episode of Tirando del Hilo I talk to Leticia González, vintage and second hand store ownerOh Oh Julyen Granada, to better explain how this world works, their ethical reasons and how they have overcome the stigma of "old clothes".

Chapter #3. Male models with Javier de Miguel

How does a male model live his day to day? What similarities – or differences – he has with his fellow women? In this episode of Tirando del Hilo I talk to the international modelJavier de Miguel who has worked for brands like Gucci, photographers like Mario Testino or paraded in Paris and Milan, to explain some details, curiosities and anecdotes of his work.

Chapter #4. Retouching fashion photos with Alberto Yagüe

How to retouch fashion photos before publishing them? What curiosities hides the controversial world of digital retouching? In this episode of Tirando del Hilo I talk to Alberto Yagüe, retoucher with more than 10 years of experience and CEO of Studio Yagüe, the largest digital post-production studio of fashion and beauty in Spain to explain details and anecdotes of their work.

Chapter #5. Influencers with Erea Louro

How influencers work? How do you price your publications? How do they carry the criticism? In this episode of Pulling the Thread I talk toErea Louro, influencer and blog creatorAll That She Wants, which it has more than 11 years of experience being a digital prescriber to explain details and anecdotes of her work.

Chapter #6. Law and Fashion with Anna Alegret

What is the difference between copying and counterfeiting? How do brands protect their designs? And the photographs are their copyrights? In this episode of Pulling the Thread, the podcast of Gafas Amarillas, converse with Anna Alegret, Lawyer and creator of Law in Trend (Fashion Law) so that you can explain us better details and anecdotes of your work as an expert in fashion law.

Chapter #7. Leave clothes to celebrities with Juan Marrero Portals

How do brands leave clothes to celebrities and influencers for their events and photo productions? How do they get those looks? What if they break or lose what happens? In this episode of Pulling the Thread, the podcast of Gafas Amarillas, I talk with Juan Marrero Portals, Account Director at Replica, one of the most important fashion and showroom communication agencies in Spain, so you can tell us about processes, details and anecdotes of his work that get celebrities to have a great wardrobe when they go to events.

Chapter #8. Streetstyle photography with Fernando Mañas

How do streetstyle photographers find and photograph lookazos in the middle of the street? Is what people wear in their "day to day" really relevant?? In this episode of Pulling the Thread, the podcast of Gafas Amarillas, I converse with Fernando Manas de Chic Too Chic, one of the less than 100 professional streetstyle photographers from around the world to tell us what it's like to hunt for fashion in the middle of the most fashionable cities.

Chapter #9. Freelance fashion journalist with Marita Alonso

How do freelance fashion journalists work? How do they find topics and sell them? How is a publication charged in a medium?. In this episode of Pulling the Thread, the Yellow Glasses podcast, I talk with Marita Alonso, freelance fashion writer and journalist, so that you can tell us openly how the world is structured and the day-to-day life of journalists who are not on the permanent staff of a specific medium.