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Female power, opulence, -themes recurrent sensuality in mythology Jimmy Choo- are reinterpreted in new designs full of confidence under the creative direction of Sandra Choi.

The hallmark of the brand has always evoked a feeling of strength, and the Autumn / Winter 2013, Choi gives equal dimension to the power of design. A renewed focus on how, the cut, line silhouette and has resulted in a collection that demands the attention of a sensual whisper, performed in a silent black palette, blanco, humo, deep burgundy and emerald.

"The picture of Helmut Newton It was very much on my mind when I was designing. Often their objective wandered legs and ankles of their models. He had an almost fetishistic obsession with the female form, but the model never portrayed as something vulnerable; He was always strong, powerful and was in control. " – Sandra Choi, Creative director.

Jimmy Choo woman is in control of your life and odes to the collection integrates military power in a military palette colors: negro, gray smoke, verde kaki. The design details influence further into the issue: chains folded bags, metallic elements in buckles and buttons, brocades and patent leather toe give up the spirit of the shoe while maintaining elegance.

This silent eroticism is expressed in the new collection of Jimmy Choo for this season, exalting the leg and foot as the new erogenous zone. The perfect forms of stiletto tip are enhanced with a delicate ribbon around the ankle. Similar variations added metal elements shaped bracelet around the ankle with a zipper detail as master key. A high boot gets a subtle supple leather legging enter the territory for its grip on the leg. Details of lattices suede boots and created a network effect that reveals a seductive vision of the skin. A pump in sensual vision embraces the ankle with skin wife.

Sin embargo, the eccentric fun does not stop in the leg. Los bolsos acogen esta sensual perspectiva con materiales táctiles de cuero brillante, lagarto y visón. Elegantes bolsos de mano con cierre en forma de solapa de sobre se laminan en oro metálico ultrabrillante. Y un sencillo diseño de bolso con solapa con la ductilidad del cuero añade un guiño fetichista con elementos metálicos en forma de esposas en el cierre de la correa del bolso.


Photo: Davide Maestri.