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Resting and unwinding during the summer holidays should not mean neglecting your diet. Here we indicate them 5 reasons to include poke in your summer menu.

Summer, vacations and excessive heat are some factors that contribute to the development of bad eating habits, including increased consumption of food fast and ultra-processed. The poke is presented as an alternative tofastfood healthy and full of nutrients to cool off and enjoy without limits on the most suffocating days of the year. poke summer food

A dish made with natural foods (cereales, fruits, vegetables and fish or vegetable protein), with beneficial nutritional properties, that will allow you to take care of your diet also in summer. Tasty Poke, the chain with more than 25 poke establishments in Spain and two outside our borders, has made a list with 5 reasons to include poke in your summer vacation diet:

poke summer food

1.       Prepared in record time.

Get the ingredients you want to include in your poke: from fruits like avocado, mango or pineapple, animal proteins such as salmon, tuna or chicken, vegetables like tofu, as well as vegetables and dressings. Prepare the rice base, quinoa or mixed lettuce in a bowl. Accompany it with the rest of the ingredients. If you get a cool and original presentation, upload a photo to your account Instagram and sumlikes.

2.       It's easy to take anywhere.

Imagine that you are traveling in a spectacular natural paradise. You need a complete snack that gives you energy and also takes up little space. Or perhaps you have embarked on a voyage on the high seas. Or you simply want to make the most of your beach day. The poke becomes the perfect companion for your adventure vacations. ¡A complete diet in a single plate!

3.       Summer is sports time ¡and poke!

Poke is a food that feels great after making deportation. Bikes, trecking, to swim, in summer we are less lazy to play sports, sometimes vacation planning becomes a sport in itself. The vitamins and proteins contained in apokebowl they give you a great dose of energy.

4.       Customizable and for all tastes.

If you are intolerant to any food, you don't like an ingredient, or do you follow a vegetarian diet… ¡you won't have any problem! There are pokes for all tastes and needs. Just as if you fancy more elements of this time you can turn the poke summer food

5.       Source of healthy vitamins and proteins.

The pokes contain raw fruits and vegetables, like avocado, mango o edamame. Eating varieties of fruit and vegetables in a single dish will give you a refreshing feeling, in addition to large doses of nutrients. poke summer food