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I put two recent covers of "bible" of fashion. For me, one is a success and the other a mistake What is each one for you?


In the first we see an explosion of color with Julia Nobis for Vogue Australia in May. In the second, una rapsodia bohemia con Malgosia Bela para Vogue Turquía  in April. 

I know they are not comparable or geographical areas or the intrinsic characteristics of each country editions, but if both are within the same header international, let's call it "brand", Why I find "casters" so different? – si hay alguna editora de moda en la sala que me lo diga!

Aquí va mi opinion: Under my concept the unfortunate cover is colorful in Australia, not because it is a bad image, or an ugly cover - just the opposite, es trasgresora, breaker, Modern, What the hell does in Vogue? Cover should be at least NEO2!

I believe that the readers of Vogue are still seated in a much less aesthetic breakthrough - I do not know what will happen in Australia, but overall I detect well - something more like the cover of Malgosia, where trends in an aesthetic way apply, even wearable, which it makes us dream of glamorous spaces. But I appeal to the eccentricity fits more in most groundbreaking publications, less "glam" and "fash".

Personally I like the spirit free by colors, but do not you think it's the most fortunate in that "brand" What mean you @ s?