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Fashion is cyclical, everything returns, blue, blue, blah ... all that is more than true, but we must reinvent ourselves or die

I was surprised to see this image in Blank magazine as the cover of April 2011, sí, Ladies and Gentlemen, April 2011 Who would say it true?

I am not against reminiscing, to evoke classics, to emulate aesthetics or even photographs, of the tributes, but copying as is seems incomplete to me.(For the record, the image is a cool one)

I could not identify if the end of the 80 or early 90, but I have already seen this. Maybe not in the same position, maybe not exactly the same clothes, of course not the same model, but the roll is the same ... a postcard taken from ago 20 years ... It seems insufficient for a magazine of the latest trends, that no matter how hard he tries to show us the famous "everything returns" he must bet on creating new images and concepts.

And on top with covert advertising! It's all so shabby- retro.