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A cover "almost" without Photoshop – #loscohones - Vogue Paris in October with George Michael and Kate Moss.

The cover of the October Vogue Paris will bring tail ... not so much trendsetter but "disassociate" the trend as Patched moda "Real" and tinkering "natural", en This time a tad passed - as from here to Beijing - with photo retouching not?

dear George: Fifty years are not to remove anyone. Do not fall for these tricks of old ladies trying to look young and being operated only look older ladies get operated. You're welcome

dear Kate: No need to always sixteen years, you actually likes us more than older and macarra. You're welcome.

Dear Mario: Your photos are so the cane stuff take away imprint Refuse to these photoshoperiles mutilations!.

Dear gentlemen who run the Photoshop shadow: There are some many more discrete brushes which you have used to paint those eyebrows! You're welcome.

Dear Vogue Paris: If you wanted a cover with quinceañeros not have picked George and Kate! If ye, it with its mark. You're welcome.


Honestly this image of Mario Testino (one of the most fashion photographers like me) I think a fantastic photo, a light and ideal exposure, an interesting and close composition, un styling great, and transmits a very inspiring feeling. But later it's time "God, look at them face!" Y It is when everything starts to fall apart.

Who is that man? George Michael has always been a handsome man with personality ... and this gentleman showing us Paris Vogue called "Pop Star" is rather a hyper-drawn cartoon with painted eyebrows on canvas. and her? True, this gorgeous, but has exactly the same face he had in the first photos that encumbraron as a model ... and we all know that's no longer the case. The same face that when he was 16 años certainly it has been achieved thanks to our friend Photoshop.

Both seem to wax dolls and display so it seems very unwise decision. You know that not disown graphic retouching whenever to improve small details, not to build false realities. If you have chosen them as cover / emblem of October in one of the most emblematic Vogue Paris as the world is precisely because they recognize the value of taking so much time being icons British fashion, style and music. Entonces Why try to pass for teenagers?. Age is a degree and demonstrate it also shows wisdom.

In addition we have seen recently the couple at the Olympics (and live media event) and the video of the White Light of English singer (a song that I love) que even with production, makeup, and the video effects that – and they keep coming guapísimos - is done in a less exaggerated, less fictional, less "plastic”.