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Jon Kortajarena sporting a beard unexpected and most affectionate on the cover of the magazine ODDA Winter.

Jon Kortajarena

I like when they get surprised. ¿Y quién pensaría que una portada normal, in black and white, a midplane model taking a ocelot could be so unexpected?  Una mixed light, Details, glances getting elevate the photographer Juan Martin as master edition #3 correspondiente a otoñoinvierno de ODDA con Jon Kortajarena.

Perhaps not as much as it should continue to Jon K, but I had never seen him with a beard so populated, thick, wild, casi rubiacasi tan salvaje como los pequeños tigres que sostiene en la portada.

¡Qué recurso más sencillo (so used)  and always so groovy (and cuqui) what of the puppies!

Jon Kortajarena