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Shop authentic Prada handbags and shoes in the middle of the Texas desert!… ¿what does this look like here?

In the desert of Texas, in a desolate and desolate place with nothing and nobody around… only a dusty back road crosses this desert between the city of Marfa and some kind of village – about two hundred inhabitants – called Valentine. like a mirage…. Prada Marfa! Shop authentic Prada handbags and shoes!

¿what does this look like here? Dont have much sense; store brand so exclusive that only set in the best streets of the most important cities in the world it is here in the middle of nowhere!


It is about, ni más ni menos, an artistic intervention conducted by the Nordic artists Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset and which helped the Miuccia Prada itself donating items, shoes and bags, They found there. – Eso sí, quiet if you are thinking of spending loot, los no background bags and shoes are all of the right foot! ¡That Miuccia was a collaborator but she was not stupid!.

This art installation was built in the year 2005. The door never opened and at nightfall lights thanks to a solar generator creating a surprising and even shocking effect.

The artists explain their installation with these words: The combination of a vast desert landscape, in an unpopulated area, with a luxury store with expensive and real products is unthinkable. Nature and moda joined in a striking visual image, like some ads. The minimalist design of Prada and desolate desert surroundings combine well artistically when the board, but also the two forces cancel each other, creating an original and unexpected result.”
If in addition to these photos you want to see the store "live” you can put them in Google maps by clicking here and you will see the Marfa Prada store in the desert. Despite thugs who have passed through and have tried to destroy or steal inside, the store is still there imperturbable, iconic image of the current power of the "Mark", not of this particular, but all.