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Have you left without tasting the special collection of H&M? Maybe it's the best thing that could happen and these original garments you were waiting Kenzo…

I will not be me who complain of moda Low Cost Not even much less! You know that I'm such a fan of clothes at a good price as pamper yourself and be a paste something that makes us happy Why choose if we reach all? As a good "fashion lover de manual» – and I put it in English to have more substance – I have also been passionate about the special collections that drew H&M each November with relevant firms in the fashion industry. The idea of ​​"affordable luxury"I find compelling and join a" fIIt fashion" That seems great; but as they move collections I have been desencantándome….

Something fell with Karl Lagerfeld, I Cruji with Versace and I chopped in almost all (being a white and black shirt Marni one of my favorite pieces ever in the history of my closet)… but this time with Kenzo x H&M have started to open their eyes.


I announced with joy in this post thinking it would be a cool option, innovative, funny and above all much more "real"; but it has become an allegory to mamarrachismo – I respect fully, but I do not think it fits in this situation – and all you get is pieces that you can not get more than twice without appearing "crazy / mad of colorinchis«. What's wrong with that to get things twice and point? Nothing! But why do it with some quality fathomless fair prices?

This collection really is when I understood more than ever the criticism always receive these special collections that refer to what is still shitting up.

Worth the dot "redo mark icons"It is interesting and appeals to our semore primal ntimientos to own the brand itself (no innovation, but its essence). Also they play as anyone with marketing and the illusion of "very few people can have it" so that we enajenemos enough to throw us into the streets and uploading them to our networks and show that we are 'in' and then, a week later you forget them in the closet and think: When will I will I put that jersey stamping impossible?

Most striking in this case is that the chosen brand for "lowcostizarla" is not too expensive – relatively speaking, claro. I understand that most humans can not access a Versace leather jacket, pero… What if I tell you that you can find original garments from Kenzo at the same price – or very similar – which it has been offered in H&M?

Because I here I come not only complain – that also – but to offer solutions

Kenzo and its own outlet online

Did you know that Kenzo has online store? It is not a big news in the fashion world but did you know it there is a section of Kenzo Outlet with great rates? Man with category, Women and children are pieces from their latest collections at very similar prices to those offered by H&M.

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In Farfetch is everything…

Farfetch is an online multibrand store where you can find the best brands With a variety of amazing original garments products Kenzo! In this section Kenzo Women You can find everything from mobile cases or socks (the cheapest) to shelters astronomical prices, but through a wide variety of products. Highly recommended T-Shirts. They also have clothing Kenzo man and a very interesting section called Kenzo Vintage, where there classic clothes for brand mujer y hombre)

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Zalando ons…

En Zalando can find shoes and accessories Kenzo with typical patterns for both girl to boy. Then there are the collaborations that has made brands like Vans. Take a look from time to time because they change products.

Kenzo shoe € 99,95

Kenzo shoe € 99,95

Second hand Vestiaire Collective

One of the websites to find bargains that I like – If you do not mind the concept used – it's about Vestiarie Collective. It is the largest shopping site – Used sells luxury products in the world and offers a wealth of original garments from Kenzo – they say so and not give them for a ride – at a great price by clicking here (these have registered for bichear more).

You'll have to open the mind and the pictures do not have the quality of the catalog, but you may find a little gem, since you can find from past collections to the latest news. The only problem, eso si, It is the size, since being individuals selling their clothes is sometimes difficult to find, but if you dream very strong you can make your wish come true.

Así que ya sabes, if you really like Kenzo I have here left some options to get your clothes. Eso sí, this is only suitable for people who really likes the Japanese firm, not for those who just want the quick look, viral impossible and a instagrameado ever lose your grace with the "Chicoleo" H&M (I repeat is very fun to enter the fashion party without judging anyone).