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It's time to do wardrobe change, an occasion that deserves you to take out the Marie Kondo that you carry inside and get rid of those clothes that you no longer wear for several seasons. But it is also a unique opportunity to rescue trends or prepare your new wishlist and run to the stores to find those accessories you need in your fall wardrobe to go to the moda and be the real king of the street. If your thing is to follow the changing urban fashion, take note and hunt the garments that cannot be missing.

armario de otoño
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Denim jackets to bet everything on perfect denim for the fall wardrobe

This year, denim jackets are back in the spotlight, los jeans, even the sports ones with a mixture of textures that also have some denim in its preparation. Among the urban fashion garments to burn the asphalt, cowboy is going to be king this season. Además, the color code accepts any shade, from the darkest jeans to the most worn or light ones, so you have the freedom to choose the ones you like best at all times.

Color Printed Sweatshirts

En Polynesia you can find a huge variety of stamped sweatshirts, combination of various colors, photoprints, tie dye… Classic black never goes out of style and can be worn both day and night., pero, if you dare, color wants to take to the streets this new season. Anything goes when it comes to combining sweatshirts and creating eye-catching models, with brands like Vans taking the lead.

armario de otoño
Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

mesh fabrics: one of the most daring urban fashion garments

No, not only the protagonists of Elite can wear them. T-shirts with mesh fabrics are very current and the most daring are already launching themselves to be the first to wear them. These clothes are going to have a lot, but a lot of streets. El torso semidescubierto It is no longer just a thing of summer beach bars. Además, they also wear the most saggy pants, transparencies… The uncovering returns.

Pearl necklaces for him and her

But almost more for him. This year, tiny pearl necklaces are popular, at the level of the clavicle, for the boys. They are a very easy accessory to combine and suitable for dress code both day and night. The important thing is that these pearl necklaces look good, so always place them over the t-shirt or jersey or with the shirt wide open.

Hola, americana; bye, shirt

And another of the trends for this new season that is going to be a hit as part of the essential urban fashion in your wardrobe. otoño it is just the absence of a certain garment. It is a trend to wear a suit or simply with the top (americana, jacket), but in this case you have to leave your shirt at home. The shirtless jackets, a little open, they will prevail in streetstyle. And that, combined with the pearl necklace mentioned above, It is without a doubt the latest in fashion.