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This new trend is included within a new category of products, healthy drinks, together with the new Premium Plus Vichy Catalan Vichy Catalan by Tonic Water.


With this name the Vichy Catalan Group, centenary company leader in the market for natural mineral waters, He has named the first Premium Tonic made with their genuine carbonated natural mineral water, which springs spontaneously from the spring of Caldes de Malavella (Girona). This drink is included within a new category of products, re-fresh-called healthy, which also belong to the new Vichy Catalan Plus and Mint Limes.

La empresa, Founded in Caldes de Malavella (Girona) by Dr. Modest Furest Rock more than 130 años, revolutionizes the segment re-fresh with these new health drinks (All of them, without calories, no added sugar), frescan and re-re-activated:

    • Vichy Catalán Lemon (canned 33 cl. and now in glass bottle 250 ml)
    • The new Vichy Catalan Plus and Mint Limes, vitamin B6, B12, y ginseng guarana (canned 33 cl.)
    • The new and genuine Premium Tonic Water by Vichy Catalán (canned 33 cl. and in bottle 250 ml)

re frescos saludables vichy catalan

It is the worldwide launch of a new product category: re-fresh healthier. Healthy because they are all made with the best water in the world, genuine carbonated natural mineral water Vichy Catalan; porque They are obtained only with natural ingredients; and because they contain added sugars or caloric intake. The creation of this new product category is the work carried out for five years by the R & D of Vichy Catalan Group (in collaboration with prestigious bartenders).