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The world of online glasses continues to reinvent itself. One of the fashion products that need more be tested in our face to run a step thanks to the virtual tester glasses Mister Spex.

Let's face, It is not always a good idea to buy glasses «a voleo». we see, in encaprichamos, they are on sale and we step:»total, las glasses always look good«. ¡Error! Surely you have some time that happened coming home are not you as you thought. What a traitor our brain that everything we put ourselves imaginatively looks good! That is why the optica online Mister Spex has given a breakthrough that can do we get rid of these situations to buy the glasses: your virtual tester glasses. I tried it and I assure you is pretty cool, I tell you:

Probador virtual de gafas Míster Spex

How is he Mister Spex virtual tester?

I liked the way we conceive this online tester for primary reason: you can try on all the glasses you want, and compare! I had seen any evidence elsewhere but never so complete and well configured.

Probador virtual de gafas

Face scanning is very simple and fast, you just have to turn your head where you go looking indicating the virtual assistant. Then remember Have a flattering light! We know that everything improves greatly when you are well lit..

Through the camera on your computer or your mobile phone, the virtual tester records a very short video glasses while moving the head. Later, seconds later a processing time and thanks to the increases actually can "prove" all glasses you want.

Probador virtual de gafas

Also you can compare different models….

A selecting the "Pruébatelas 3D" option on every model of the web - whether sight glasses or sunglasses - you will see a recreation of how the glasses you have left thanks to the video processing. You can handle with the mouse or your finger to rotate your head from side to side so you can check how you are in front or in profile.

The thing not only is there, since the virtual tester recommends similar glasses after glasses which have chosen and gives you "compare", In thy face!

Probador virtual de gafas

Cover photo byBrooke Cagle onUnsplash