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The Chinese believe they have invented the typical: «I buy it, I test myself at home and if I do not like I bring”.

Test car is normal practice, give you keys, you drive it for a while and if you like - and you can, claro, not all are tickets Mount quini – Your shopping… Could that technique reach the world of moda? Clear! In fact already it implemented in a shop in Japan. The store is called GU - it belongs to the same company Uniqlo – and the process is very simple, you bring your product, you will quietly testing and before 24 h you return to the store to return it or pay and I keep it. Explain and:

How does it work? You simply choose the pieces you like – up to three items – register at the counter and leave. No ID, or deposit required – just your name and phone number.

Does it differ that much of what they do thousands of people worldwide? Because of buy something "blind" and return it within the deadline after trying quietly is a song we all sing ever. Department stores are fed by the recurrent visit of undecided who buy and returned with astonishing ease. In this case the only thing is that there would be a transfer of parné forth. The only innovation that have made Japs here is to be more confident. They according commented on an interview with the Telegraph those responsible for this store, It is better for them stealing a garment, the hassle of walking descambiando. Gu products not usually rise to the 25 dólares, so confirm that the level of losses is very short if that happened.

probar ropa antes de comprar gu japon (1)

Image GU Japan

They also say one thing supercuqui, if for example You need a shirt that was stained which you take, or exited get a planazo and can not own or suddenly it's cold, they look good you catch a garment, use it and then you come back to let in the store. Are not they like to eat them monkeys? We all love to do that from time to time! Would this work in Spain? Are we confident enough? Are we too children to take advantage? Sin duda, many people would take advantage of this seeming to have a closet "infinity", oo go to an event even throw some photos – one egobloggers greeting. This is already done with descambio and well clear labels with photoshop.

This was a test conducted last year as a pilot, and seeing the good results, It gets increasingly harder as real possibility and everyday. But I, as good villain Disney modil, I can think of a perfect plan .... How about taking three clothes when you go trip to Japan and go back to Spain so calm? Muahahahaha.

Foto de portada: Winona Rayder en Campaña de Rag&Bone Fall / Winter 2014