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Take advantage of #BlackFriday to renew (or buy) products or small appliances that help you take care of your clothes

Clothing care is not only in the washing machine, There are products or small appliances that can help you take care of it and organize it so that it is always perfect.. Here I point 10 that are essential in the home of anyone who likes clothes.

1. a steam iron: If you don't like ironing much, this is your best option.. Havemoda and effective.

2. Hangers «in conditions». There are hangers that are more of a nuisance than a help.. Have adequate hangers, wide, Non-slip and with sufficient load capacity will help protect and maintain clothing without deformation.

3. An electric lint remover. Clothes, well cared for and maintained it can have a long life. That's why a lint remover can help you always have perfect clothes..

4. Non-marking clothespins. A veces, due to the fabrics, When hanging clothes, they are marked by the clothespins and become worn or deformed.. That's why buying tweezers with a soft grip area will help you..

5. drying mannequin. If you use a lot of shirts, a drying mannequin can be very useful to help dry them quickly and eliminate wrinkles.. ¡And it has a much more affordable price than it seems.!

6. clothes folder. This ingenuity that surprised us all a few years ago has become something very common that makes it easier to fold clothes perfectly.. If you don't have one at home, this is the perfect time to purchase one.!

7. Storage Boxes. To store clothes you don't use or to keep your clothes separated and organized, These storage boxes with a transparent viewer will help you better organize all your clothes.

8. T-shirt organizer. If you have a lot of t-shirts and want to keep them organized (by style, by color) It is best to have an organizer where you can easily place them after folding them and you will also save space.

9. Vacuum Storage Bags. They can be very useful for storing clothes from other seasons., como, por ejemplo, when traveling.

10. Anti-moth Discs. to avoid having «unwanted visitors» in the closet, It is best to have some anti-moth discs and avoid surprises when you want to use the garment again..

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