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After Easter Week, and although the season of fairs and spring festivals arrives in Andalusia, there are already many people who start their particular bikini operation and want to improve your figure. Missing just over two months for summer to appear on the calendar y, if you are not interested from now on get a good figure, you may not be on time.

En esta ocasión, and already for years, One important factor must be taken into account., y es que temperatures are already sweltering even in spring as a result of climate change and global warming.

Almost every week we see on the news that the beaches are filled with people trying to cope with the heat. The same thing happens with parks and riverbanks in cities. and as we all know, With the high temperatures, you want to show off your horn, show some skin.

Today we want to explain how to use anti-cellulite and reducing cosmetics. Although they are not totally the same products, What they do agree on is that its use must be prolonged to offer good results..

Since already in spring its sale increases, and it is that when we try to leave the skin more exposed is when we verify that cellulite is still present what there are parts of the body that we do not like.

Cellulitis, inevitable but treatable.

Cellulite is inevitable in the female body. La piel de naranja appears as a consequence of the accumulation of adipose tissue in certain parts of the body. The so-called localized fat especially affects the hips, the thighs, buttocks and abdomen.

There is no formula to avoid this phenomenon, pues affects more than 90% of women from adolescence y, because it appears more in them than in them, it is believed that the hormonal factor plays a key role in its appearance.

The recommendation to tackle, one way or another, this aesthetic phenomenon, es apply anti-cellulite and reducers at night, which is when the organism is more receptive and the metabolism is more activated. At the same time, It is important use these products correctlya, with massages that make the cosmetics reach all the affected areas, are absorbed quickly and also stimulate circulation.

How to use reducing and anti-cellulite products to improve your figure.

improve your figure

In the aesthetics and beauty market, also in parapharmacy, We can find multiple packs and treatments that help to get great for the summer months. In your choice, it is advisable to go to establishments or guarantee firms, with products made in laboratories of recognized prestige. That is the case of Montibello.

Once at home, to apply them you have to always follow the manufacturer's instructions and perform those reducing massages from the bottom up, starting at the ankle and ending in the groin. It is in this area where more lymph nodes accumulate, then the drainage process is facilitated.

The dynamic consists of apply gentle pressure on the area to be treated and make circular and upward movements. Thumbs help press specific areas like the inside of the knees, while the palms have to be used with more force, but without exceeding, and also with smooth movements.

Once the massage has been applied, keep your legs elevated for a while, leaning against the wall, to facilitate the elimination of toxins. This operation can be performed on a daily basis several times.

reducers, diet and rest.

The final point to improve your figure is what you expected to hear. If you want to improve your figure for the summer, These reducing and anti-cellulite cosmetics will have little use if you do not complement them with a healthy and balanced diet.

Una diet based on fruits and vegetables, With a high water content and nutritionally rich in vitamins and minerals, it is key to getting closer to your goals.. We are not going to go into the type of diet you should follow, because there are numerous options available at your fingertips, but we do warn that lThe caloric intake should be enough to avoid starvation and not commit excesses, at least very repeatedly.

The last recommendation is rest, which must be accompanied by a moderate physical activity and an active lifestyle. The more routine your life is, in terms of intake food, deportation and rest, but without giving up the pleasure, better options you will have to reach the summer with an enviable figure.