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Choosing a good sunscreen is important to enjoy the summer and the sun without endangering your health, That is why today we want to explain to you what are the physical filters or the chemical filters that sunscreens have so that you can use them "with your head".

There is a growing concern about the composition of cosmetic products, and sun protection was not going to be left behind. But speaking of photoprotection, there is another debate that is gaining weight but that until now is quite unknown., Should we choose between physical filters or chemical filters? That's why the friends of Alma Secret, What is a Murcian brand with pharmaceutical origins and pioneers in the development of high-quality natural cosmetic master formulas, restorative and preventive, they explain the differences between the two.

What is the difference between physical filters and chemical filters in photoresist?

Los physical filters they act as screen reflecting light and deflecting ultraviolet rays to prevent sunburn, and its composition is of mineral origin. Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide are the most common ingredients used in natural protectants and they have a great advantage, especially for the little ones, and it is that they cannot be absorbed by skin. Physical filters do not need to be applied 30 minutes before exposing yourself to the sun since, from the moment they are applied, they are already protecting the skin.

"Until very recently, there was a false belief that sunscreens with physical protection were dense, accepted the Blancheci… but not all are like that if you know how to choose a natural option with a suitable formulation«.

Dew L. Cost, doctor 'cum laude' in pharmacology and CEO of Alma Secret.

Por su parte, los chemical filters have always been used in sun protection, there are all imaginable textures: more fluid or denser, a spray, oily ... They capture solar energy and transform it, protecting the skin from the sun.

Its main drawback is that, although all those used in cosmetics must be safe, absorbed through the skin can cause certain allergies. Además, some should be applied 30 minutes before exposure solar. Chemical filters are the most popular on the market and the most used are: Oxibenzona, Avovenzona, Octisalato, Octocrileno, Homosalato, Octylmethoxycinnamate or Cinnamates.

Greater awareness of the environment and the products we use.

Every day we care more about the environment and that the sunscreen is "Enviromental friendly" or "reef safe" (safe for corals) es muy importante. Oxybenzone (chemical filter), por ejemplo, has a very negative impact on the marine ecosystem. Hence, it is increasingly important to use physical filters to also protect marine fauna and flora..

In places like Hawaii, desde 2018 chemical filters oxybenzone and octinoxate are banned due to their impact on coral reefs. According to National Geographic magazine every year, 14.000 tons of sunscreen end up in the world's oceans.

Filtros físicos y filtros químicos

Alma Secret helps you find the perfect sunscreen.

Alma Secret sunscreens are naturally formulated and they are ideal for all skin types even the most sensitive and reactive, and also for the children of the house. Its star ingredient is ARABIAN COTTON, a natural and innovative biotechnological asset extracted from stem cells from Arabian Cotton. This incredible plant lives in extreme conditions of sun and acts by strengthening the skin cells' own defense mechanism to combat photoaging, sunburn and the appearance of pigmentation spots.

Alma Secret has a Facial cream with high sun protection spf 50, 50ml format 27,50 € and with a Body cream with high sun protection spf 50, format 100ml 22,50 €. Both suitable for all skin types and with broad spectrum sun protection that protects from UVA rays, UVB, hevie (Blue light) and go (Infrared).