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This is a post of thanks to La Señorita for the great bracelets that she has given me and my grandmother!

For all those who thought that "I don't have a grandmother", this post may go unnoticed, but for the others, Here I show you a photo of my wrist and that of my grandmother with two great bracelets of Miss, one of the jewelry and accessories firms that is revolutionizing the blogosphere. Some time ago I contacted Belén to ask her the price for two bracelets, one for my grandmother – I wanted to give it to him as a sign of strength, support and good luck after you have overcome your recent cancer operation – and another for me, that I liked for its simplicity but great idea. She quickly said that she was giving them to me and I in a hurry refused at first but seeing her insistence I could not help but accept her delighted gift.

I'm in love with mine and my grandmother doesn't take it away from her at all. He was as surprised by my surprise as when I told him that it was all due to the generosity of the firm, so we evaluated that it was a double gift, much more valuable still.

Soon you will be able to see in this blog an interview that I have been conducting with Belén de La Señorita, but he did not want to miss the opportunity to show you the bracelets and publicly thank his gesture. That you know that they are lucky bracelets, Yes or yes, both for my grandmother and for me. Thanks.