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We discovered Ader Error, one of the most interesting brands in the fashionista world, and how she has become famous worldwide thanks to Zara

I get an email from Zara (I guess me and thousands of people who are on your mailing list) what does it say «ADER ERROR AND ZARA PRESENT “CYCLE A TO Z, their second collaborative project” and you can't help but ask me: ¿But who the hell is Ader Error? ¿How did they come to collaborate with Zara?? ¿What is their philosophy and what do they contribute to the Spanish brand and to the moda?

Zara's own email does not give many clues as it explains that «ADER ERROR and ZARA connect organically from start to finish to create new ideas, philosophies and cultures. Finally, Cycle A to Z intuitively shows the meeting of two brands and the traces of their identities«. So much paragraph to say almost nothing, these common places of the world of fashion marketing.

Pero, ¿What is Ader Error?

Ader Error is a brand that It was created in 2014 in seoul, South Korea, y que, as they themselves explain on their website, is based on communicating cultural expressions through «rethink». Según explican: «We reissue images, videos, space, design, art and objects in our own way to suggest a new experience cultural«.

It is a group of unknown designers – they define themselves as an incognito collective – that work as a creative union. These creative come from various fields, which include architecture, la food, interior design, the consultancy, la moda, trade or advertising. specialized fashion pages, like farfetch, define them as «The Banksys of streetwear» seeing clothing as an art form but also as a way of inhabiting the world that shows passion, distinction and charisma.

«The first part of the name is an acronym: the one for aesthetics, D for drawing and ER is added to create a verb meaning «people who draw in aesthetics. The part of «Error» of the name communicates how designers are drawn to imperfections, notions that are normally seen as «mistakes»: “We call it making something positive out of something negative.”

Kevin – Representative of the brand Ader Error in the media.

Part of his style is to modernize concepts and provide a digital environment, multiversístico and very 2022 to any concept of moda, both genders and sexes, in pattern lines, colors or in basic garments such as classic coats or jacket suits, las bombers. They declared that Ader Error's DNA flees from binary and vertical thinking. As they explain in 25 grams: «The Ader Error style is one where there are no rules and anything goes; eye-catching graphics, cool logos, hybrid garments, layer overlay, gender abolition and even elegant cuts, pero streetwear».

Skip influencers and large communication campaigns, its power is social networks and «the coolness» as the best sales strategy. Now you can find it even in Collective cloakroom at great prices. He has previously collaborated with brands such as Puma but his knowledge of the general public comes through Zara.

Ader Error

¿How has your union with Zara been??

The union between Ader Error and Zara took place for the first time in December of 2021 when the Galician giant wanted to join them to make a special collection and, de paso, jump into the metaverse. «Defined by the Galician channel as a «collaborative project» que «defines a new generation» based on «the identity and uniqueness of each individual«, the AZ Collection aims to reflect on «the ability of language to express ideas, originate other forms of thought and create new cultures».

«From A for Ader to Z for Zara, as well as the generation to which it intends to attract, the proposal intends to encompass all the letters of the alphabet as a «inexhaustible source of creation» with which to propose designs that reflect the lifestyle of young people». They explained in Fashion Network this first union.

En 2022 This union has returned again with the same philosophy and betting on very Asian codes but passed through the filter of modernity and above all for global interest..

Con unisex gifts, oversize and betting on «basics with a twist of modernity», this collection is a candy for fashionistas since they are the typical garments that «they don't look like Zara» and they allow us to wear trendsetters medals when we meet friends.

Además, both the collection of 2021 like 2022 They are reflected in the metaverse where you can also buy some of these garments as digital items through the Zepeto platform..