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Who said that to start dressing the feet?

The first thing to choose is a great underwear! And certainly, one of the proposals that has captivated me to know has been to Jesus Fernandez. lingerie cómoda, with vintage look and classic pieces recovered, undoubtedly feel well and certainly will raise passions among them and between them. Charlo with Jesus himself, to tell us more details of your firm.

jesus fernandez jesus fernandez (1)

– How did your interest in design lingerie?

En 2003 I began recycling old pieces of lingerie, and incorporating ancient tiptoe. Then I started to sell them as a success, I began to realize unique and limited edition pieces. Growing increasingly, I ended up doing whole collections.

– Let's talk about inner glamor concept where did arise? How do you develop?

We want every woman feel feminine, using beautiful pieces of underwear, highlighting the strongest skills whose wife, to shine and glamor inside.

– A vintage look at the creations and the brand in general why this inspiration? What kind of audience they are addressed?

We target women between 20 y 55 años. Women who like to dress well, Detail , the feminine world.

– Fusion of the innovator with the old… ¿Enriched?

Textures incorporate latest fashion, and handcrafted details, handmade and recycled old machines.

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– You can unite sophistication and comfort?

Probably yes. We aim toward it all the time. We want our customers use every day Jesus Fernandez, and feel super-sophisticated and comfortable at the same time.

– Craftsmanship… How production is? How many people make up the company?

We are a new company, joven, con 35 People around, and all professionals in their work. There are a lot of passion and attention to detail, every corner of the garment, because the corset is a very complex category within womenswear.

– Español, English and…. Japanese how undergarments is configured to have an international vision? What areas like best?

We market our products in various places ... Asia, Middle East, Latin America, Europa. We try to standardize the product with regard to sizes, and make them equivalent. By having a retro style, any woman likes, as it brings much details woman. We also have a wide variety of shims, sizes and colors, so we can always satisfy any market. Por otro lado, Italians working with all genres Boselli, we enter any luxury market.

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– Have presence in Spain, where you sell in Ibiza, and several fairs acudís how about how they use the Spanish lingerie?

We sell well in Ibiza, and this year we will aim to reach the entire country. We are looking for a good distributor that interests you.

– Coming soon, a perfume how is this adventure? ¿You pretend with black rose?

It is a very seductive scent, fresco, female, irresistibly memorable ...

– Whither Jesus Fernandez, What are your plans short, medio y largo plazo?

At 2010 we open 6 branch, This year we open 4 keep opening more and distributions abroad. We aim to Spain, Francia, Italy and Germany, in Western Europe.

If you want to see more of this beautiful interior design you can visit the fantastic (and retro) web de Jesus Fernandez, you sure you dive into a past full of glamor and style.

Imagery: Web of Jesus Fernandez.