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We all love our father above all things even if he is a father «normal»  ¿What gifts for random parents can we go to?

We love you like, but enjoy with silly sitcoms, his greatest pleasure is a little bit of nap, read only fitfully, triathlon do not or can not star in announcements of pension plans because banks are not pre retired Nordic…

It does not matter if our father is a bit random * , that does not mean that we want everything and we want more than give them something in their day (you know that I am to welcome me any excuse to celebrate). But if all those lists of «gifts for the modern parents«, “gifts for the most sporty parents”, or a list of impossible parents, as gourmets, or more millionaires (seeing the proposals of some websites) etc… If you have the great good fortune to have a normal father, to which you want as it is, in this post I give 5 gift ideas for fathers random.

Calcetines, underpants and neckties

Pues si. Something useful and totally neutral. If you want to put a fun twist you can jump with some original pattern or colors out of their daily online. He will see you as a son modernete and feel proud but without leaving your comfort zone. You can love you from inside your underwear. The most important, eso si, It is that they are of quality and the best materials, that we are no longer dealing with fifteen-year-olds that anything low cost solves their ballot. As an example of socks we have Lemonuts. Underpants: Murray.

At the same socks, are elements that seamlessly blend practicality and caprice. Again we appeal to that different tie detail – Carrascal already passed – but that can be worn within your daily style. I liked such, these original and unique ties from Ones BCN. WARNING: Ties are given away only if you know that can be used. If your father gets tie 1 Once a year (for a wedding, probably), passing this gift.


Si, you read that right; colonia, no fragrance. Something cool and timeless, odorless very strong or intense and lie even feel like going to sleep. Leave the most intense perfumes to choose your mother that (or your father's new girlfriend) since it is she who will have to "endure". A smell and citric limpito, there is nothing more suitable as gifts for parents random citric, guess right all safe and happy.

Food and drink

One of the greatest pleasures in the world is food and the drink… It is a process that took us years to discover and it has always been said that when «be father eat eggs» pues… ¿and if we skip the diet and go further? Go to a super gourmet section and surprise your father with something to enjoy palate butt… ¡But do not forget that you have to take into account his mastery of the kitchen! If limited, You bet for wine or alcohol. (Everyone knows how to use a dram). Remember we're talking about random gifts for parents, so do not look the most famous brand of the soho New York and recommended by Vice Korea, but committed classic proven quality and assured positive response.

Toys and erotic products

Si, but it costs us to recognize (and giremos head slightly to that reality), our parents are actively enjoying sex (and we hope it will be long). People gets older and develops sexually, but the desire to frolic are not deleted and fun. ¿why not boost it? lubricants, vibrators rings… anything to play a couple can assume a priori crazy – especially when cutting opening gift – but it sure is an element that give use and showing them that we continue valuing them as human persons, not just like «ethereal parents«. Or even to play alone ¿Why not? A TENGA is sure to make you happy one day.


exist economic options for small breaks both to original plans. Although no longer pose a big surprise, the truth is always appreciated to escape a few days and off. Por ejemplo, recently discovered the web Waynaobox that proposes surprise weekends for 150€ (flights more 2 nights hotel 12 European capitals).

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* Random is an English word that can be translated into Spanish as random, accidental or casual. In colloquial language is used to define someone ordinary, from the heap Many people insist that this term become a negative adjective, pero For me there is nothing better than normal and naturalness well run. why be «normal» it's not being worse, it is just what it is. In this case I would like to deprive it of negative implications and I want to refer in this article about gifts for random parents to a normal father, no marked or defining hobbies beyond the ordinary.